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    FB True Bonzer assessment

    Now that lots of cleaners are buying the Bonzer and giving it great reviews for performance and quality, these old slanted slams by biased cleaners look pretty lame
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    If those bb's were from a bearing in the 360 the machine would no longer operate. Never heard of that happening before.
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    Rotovac Bonzer & 360XL mods

    Put a little grease on the base of the shaft where it flairs and it is much easier to remove the cleaning head.
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    CET-Cordless Extraction Tool Battle

    The handle on the XL is not intended to be reversed on a regular basis or we would have made the solution line a little longer. We only reverse the handle for packaging purposes.
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    Power of Rotovac 360i,

    On some carpets it leaves a swirl pattern that can be easily raked out but some custys like the just cleaned pattern. On other carpets it leaves no pattern....just super clean carpet.
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    Bane-Clene Machines?

    The Bane-Clean is a very well made yet underpowered truckmount. Hook a Rotovac 360i up to it and it cleans great.
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    Is your rotary extraction tool helping you?

    If that was a Rotovac that you bought on ebay, it sounds like it was not working properly or you were not using it properly. I have been using a Rotovac for years now and there is no doubt in my mind that it cleans far better than any manual wand.
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    How Is The CFX Faucet Hook Up Working for you?

    The newest Docking Station should have come with a short flexible hose that would slip over the neck of the faucet. You'd then drop the other end into the docking station and fill up. It's about four feet long. You wouldn't have to remove the aerator at all if you use the Docking Station. You...
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    CFX as resi and commercial?

    The CFX does not have auto fill, it uses a direct faucet hookup to get the clean water to the cleaning tool. So if that faucet is too far away, you would need to use the 27 gal. Docking Station with the 250 psi pump. The drain hose is 50 ft but can be extended using garden hose. If the drain...
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    What Truck Mount Should I Buy?

    There are a lot of good truckmounts out there. If you are leaning towards the Butler, check into getting one of their used models right from the factory with a warranty. For the cleaning tool, the Rotovac 360i is the way to go. Great cleaning results and easy to use.
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    RX20 vs RV360

    I have used both the older RX-20 and the newer RX-20. I do like the older version better. They both weigh about 70 lbs. I prefer the 360i, which weighs 39 lbs and has a telescoping handle. I use it on thin commercial glue down by slowing the head speed down with the speed control and/or using...
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    Rotovac 360i

    Customers love the results with the 360i and I like how easy it is to use. I hardly ever use a wand anymore.
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    need advise:)newbie here

    Shane, A good portable and a Rotovac 360i can deliver great results for your customers. Much less expensive than a truckmount to get you in the business and making money.
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    Back and shoulder burned out?

    Check out the new 360i, it is even better than the original 360.
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    What is your favorite tool on your truck and why?

    I just started using my new Rotovac 360i. Even better than the original. Would not want to clean carpets without it.