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    5'9''guy is looking for a shorter Titanium wand ,any recommendation?

    I would advise you to convert inches to centimeters, as you can count much more accurately that way and it's correspondingly easier to choose a titanium wand. If you are not comfortable with centimeters, then you can convert them from cm to feet to make it easier for you, but I think it is...
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    Rug smack in hydroforce dilution?

    I was so passionate about the process of downloading movies from a torrent using I forgot that I had the exact same question. I'll try using 4-5 scoops. Thank you very much for the advice.
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    Is this the new way to leave carpet?

    I want to live in a spacious two-story house with large windows and spacious rooms. On the roof, I want to have a veranda where I can come at any time to admire the sunset or sunrise. I want to have a spacious kitchen to cook different meals on the first floor. But no carpets. I hate carpets. I...
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    New to carpet cleaning but not new to small business

    Can you tell me if there is any way to simplify social networking?
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    What would you do

    a wonderful story with a happy ending for your business))