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    portable for upholstery

    Use a portable that has 2 vacuum motors set up in series.
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    The truth about CET’s) Zippers, Bonzers, CX’s and Bentley Pro’s

    I went Bank Rupp so I was not able to make this wand. The Best Portable ETM Ever Designed - Eletric Truck Mount Portable | TruckMount Forums #1 Carpet Cleaning Forum This here is a concept I thought of. When using a carpet cleaning wand to clean carpet, This shows a modified solution...
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    The truth about CET’s) Zippers, Bonzers, CX’s and Bentley Pro’s

    What is the water flow and psi your using, and how many CFM and HG? Thanks. Fedri, using I have used 350 psi with a 2.2gpm pump. etm with 145 lift. that emt seems low in numbers.
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    Wishing all of you the very best!

    Thanks Ed Valentine.
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    Which Van Wrap Should I Go With?

    Use easy to read letters in your name, and use them in capital fonts...
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    highest cfm/water lift/gpm in a portable?

    3 vacs in a set up using a air flow regulator. how it was made, a proto type.
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    2020 Election Results Poll

    You for got to talk about stacking the Supreme Court for 20 to 30 years... TRUMP, Four years ago on the campaign trail, then-candidate Donald Trump pledged that if he were elected, only "pro-life" justices would get his nomination for a seat on the Supreme Court. As president, it's a promise...
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    2020 Election Results Poll

    I listen to Rush Limbal almost every day for the last year. I listen to other political radio most of the day. I read Political News from major Media. I look at forums, twitter, and and see Fox News, CNN News and MSNBC News. I do not sit down to watch these news stations, but see my mom watch...
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    2020 Election Results Poll

    There’s a “fail safe” built into the U.S. Constitution. On Jan. 20, 2021 if there has not been a new president elected, at that point, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, becomes president. And if the Democrats take the Senate, Hold the House, President Pelosi, may do something strange.
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    2020 Election Results Poll

    very unlikely this will be the last political post about trump.
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    Is it concerning to anyone else that.......

    The list below of the top 15 cell tower companies has been compiled from information obtained by publicly available sources. In some cases the tower company might not own the structure, but has lease rights and the ability to acquire the towers on the property for a set period of time. Totals...
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    Mach15 Glides

    Buy a tool for edging where the tack strips are, may take a bit of time, but the cost of good guilds may cost more time and do bad at cleaning passes all over the carpet...
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    Mach15 Glides

    stay away from tack strips. hard to think that only lasted 30 days of use.