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    Totaled my Van

    Hi Guys, I totaled my beloved Ford Van, I was rushing around and I hoped out while it was not in park, (extremely careless) and it rolled over a hill and was wrecked. Been a hard week, looks like I will end up buying a new Butler to get back on line. My van was insured and will be covered. My...
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    Unemployment for Self's

    I applied for and received the PPP loan, I took it as a sole proprietor. It’s based on what your net business profit (line 31 Schedule C) was for last year. The nice things about the loan is, unlike unemployment you can take it then work as much as you’re able.
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    What’s the future of direct drive Truckmounts?

    Has anyone heard of a problem with the X-Drive? I think they are proving to be very reliable, there are a lot out there now The Hydramaster rep told me there is a unit with 10,000 hours going strong
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    Apex 570 or Titan 575

    Of course you can
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    The new TMF Profire and Starfire Truckmounts! (Vids included)

    Anyone who makes a truck mount needs to be ready for nonstop abuse. This is the response just from pictures of the machine, now imagine when people buy it, abuse it every day then it breaks. I wonder who they will blame It looks like a beautiful machine but people do unspeakable things to...
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    I would let the contact know you will reach out to the party who is buying it and make very clear to them they are also purchasing debt that is owed to you and you will pursue it.
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    Guys that work in the cold/Seasonal areas, what do you do during the winter for additional income?

    Scotch Guard is bad for you. It has been sold to cleaners just like cleaners sell it to the customer. I don’t think many cleaners make an effort to apply it so it will be effective. I think it’s better to make your up-sells in other ways.
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    How to Price Gutter Cleaning?

    Gutter cleaning, or any ladder work is extremely dangerous. Don’t do it for $40 an hour. It’s not worth it. It was my first job as a kid, my boss fell and shattered his heel. Changed his life. I offer it here in New England in the fall. If you go up there, just make sure you do a nice job and...
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    Shiny, white cotton...

    Once you make the mix I would sponge it on instead of spraying it so you can minimize chance of overwriting, rinse with low PSI and dry well. Fabric shampoo mixed properly with a splash of brown out does not necessarily need to be rinsed, you can just agitate with a brush and vacuum dry but...
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    Shiny, white cotton...

    I’m sure @scottwarrington will chime in. Haitian cotton is not in production anymore. But you can make your own by mixing fabric shampoo and brownout. I’m sure you can achieve similar results with another 7 PH or less shampoo and a reduced.
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    If it only does it while running off the demand pump the pressure switch on the demand pump is bad. If it does it off water from a hose, the float in the box is bad.
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    Browning on wool wall to wall

    I’m following this. That’s really tough, I’ve cleaned a lot of wool and had a lot of close calls. Whatever way you re-clean. Once you get that stain to disappear run multiple fans and just sit and watch the rug dry. When things are dried out completely mystery problems are usually sent back to...
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    Butler Blower

    I called several places locally and couldn’t find anyone willing to rebuild. I’ve since sold the wholes setup to someone who had another truck with spare parts
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    421 boxxer for sale 430 hrs.

    Hello, where are you located?