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    Let’s talk about cat urine odor removal.

    Yes cat jobs always find good stuff on walls/baseboards with TMF Uv light.
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    Proxi spray an walk away

    Awesome product !
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    Over an hour travel time both ways minimum charge

    What would be your minimum charge if the job was a bit over an hour each way ? Being the slowish time factors but still far drive.
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    New IPS Pro Sprayer

    Yea my ISP sprayer trigger went, they rebuilt , and got it back used for two days and it stopped working. They want me to send back to repair again. Only used a few weeks.
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    Cancellation charge

    So you always get cc when booking?
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    Cancellation charge

    Anyone charge late cancellation fee? I do not but was just wondering if anyone does on last minute cancels. Have a had a bunch lately for various reasons and really screws up schedule for the day.
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    Credit card fees

    Those of you who let your clients pay credit card fees, how do you add it on to bill if you bill your clients via email in which they have option to use card or mail check? Does fee kick in if they choose to pay by card?
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    IPS Pro Sprayer Issues!!

    My batteries constantly die. Tired of buying new batteries and they aren't cheap
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    I believe Porch is lead service through Lowes
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    Cleaning boats and yachts

    Yes charged by size. Tech Dropped a few hoses in the bay using truck mount park close as possible to slip