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    Carpet Cleaning Powder

    Thank you for your answer. Is not the hard water at all. Our area has great water. I changed to liquid shampoos and the problem was sorted Many thanks
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    Carpet Cleaning Powder

    Thank you for your detailed answer A few great points
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    Carpet Cleaning Powder

    Hi I am using a carpet cleaning powder with a dilution rate of 1 to 500. Works great. No complains. But it blocks all my wand nozzles. I change the nozzles, works great for 2-3 days, then is not spraying even any longer. I dilute the powder in a bucket before adding it to a solution tank. I use...
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    Rust & Iron Remover

    Hi Guys I am buying a new rust remover. This product is a bit more expensive because it has the word "iron" in it. I used to use Prochem Rust Remover but is not the best product out there. I just found this new company that charges 25 euro for 100 ML of rust & iron remover. They say that the...
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    Linking My Websites

    I though most people do a bit of SEO? Carpet cleaners are people with great ideas.
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    Linking My Websites

    Hi Guys I have about 8 websites. Each websites has aound 60-100 articles. I just wonder if would be a good idea to link articles from each website? So all my websites would be linking from one to the other one Thank you
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    Carpet Cleaning Powders Or Liquid Shampoos?

    Wow Some quality tradesmen in here. Thank you for all your answers. I love powders but as you said, it depends how you use it and how you dilute it.
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    Carpet Cleaning Powders Or Liquid Shampoos?

    Hi I love my carpet cleaning powder. Easy to use, highly concentrated, PH 12, deodorised, easy to store, etc. For me is a the best product ever. But i had a chat with few other carpet cleaning contractors that were 100% against powders. They were complaining about fittings getting blocked...
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    Do People Review Businesses?

    Thank you for all your comments
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    Do People Review Businesses?

    Hi I am keeping an eye on my competition. They have over 400 google reviews received in 2 years. I am doing few hundreds jobs per year, very little complains, and in 12 years i have received 5 reviews. How do you get 400 reviews? 90% of my customers don`t even have a google account to review...
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    Scotchgard - It is worth it?

    Hi Guys We do a lot of carpet cleaning, commercial & domestic. Up to now, we were not quoting for protectors because some bad experience we had few years back (the carpet has reacted and it turned up all pink). But more and more of my customers are looking for protectors. I just want to ask...
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    Do leaflets still work?

    Hi Guys I was thinking to do a bit of extra advertising before Christmas. I am ok online but i want to attract the older market as well, people that don`t use the internet that much. I was thinking to do a campaign with 15k leaflets to cover my area. My wife is totally against it because most...
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    water only , wool silk area rugs

    Water only could work if the rugs are not dirty but i dont think you will achieve good results on a very dirty rug. We use a product called Crafex Advanced Formula Fabric Cleaner. Amazing on sensitive fibres
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    Cleaning 4,000 sq ft of tile and ground on the walls.

    4 people needed for that job. 2 sets of tools. 8 hours shift. I would charge 2000 euro for such project in Dublin Carpet Cleaning Dublin