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    BEST OF Robs Secret Formula Spiked prespray B4 & After pics

    I used this combo today on a pretty bad carpet. Came out fantastic!
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    What gross # per year for O/O to sustain success?

    That's not how the taxes work. If he is an S corporation, he will pay on ALL profits as a business. Then pay taxes personally on what he pays himself and disbursement. If he is an LLC. He pays on all of it regardless of how much he moves from business account to personal account.
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    Depends on the job. Some restaurants we clean we just clean traffic areas 2 or 3x as the grease is layered. It cannot clean layers the chemicals can't reach
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    Are you running an inline filter?

    Nope. Went from pool filter to the devastator, then the mytee. All of them seem to clog halfway through carpet job and kill vacuum
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    Prochem Legend Oil Leak List

    I have a TMT 3000 which was made by Powerclean Industries. It has a 26hp Kohler. I have had a pretty bad oil leak since around 2,000 hrs.
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    Owner Operator a job or a business?

    I struggle with this at different periods. Really want to add a couple of employees so I can get off the truck. If I am always working IN the business, then I can't work ON the business.
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    New tool or not?

    Looking at how bad it seemed in person, I just don't think the Cimex will cut it
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    New tool or not?

    Thank you! So do you prefer the 2 handle bonzer over the wandzer(?)
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    New tool or not?

    Does it clean better than a standard 4 jet prochem wand?
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    New tool or not?

    I'm in SC. 1 handle or 2?
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    CRB dog hair dig

    Does the CRB replace prevaccum?
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    New tool or not?

    So we are starting to do more commercial work it seems. There is a greasy restaurant we do every for 5 weeks and now I have this carpet that I need to do which is an office that has a bunch of spills. I currently have my truck mount and wand. I also have a cimex. How would you attack this...
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    Judson Nitro and TNT units available - Durham, NC

    Any details on hours, etc?