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    How to prespray carpets properly?

    I know is annoying, but what you start cleaning from the closes area to the far one?
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    Has the carpet cleaning declined

    I Agreed with @Todd the Cleaner or I want to believed. All I can say in my reality, in the last 5 years almost 70% of my regulars do not have carpets on living and dinning rooms, they went the laminate way. I am cleaning only bedrooms a HW and some times a set of Stairs. I take care of my TM...
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    Upholstery Coffee Stain

    Thank you'll I rinsed again and apply some anti brown/yellow. Fixed
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    Upholstery Coffee Stain

    to be honest, I don't know. could be cotton.
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    Upholstery Coffee Stain

    Thanks @Todd the Cleaner By the way Hello Bro. long time Man. I am busy, thanks God, I see there is a lots of new guys around here now.
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    Upholstery Coffee Stain

    Hi guys, I cleaned a coffee spot from this sofa and after 3 days customer sent me this picture, what do you think happened? Since it was fresh stain, just cleaned with upholstery cleaning and run cleaning w/ acid rinse. Any ideas?
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    Insurance for B/O suggestions

    Really, $60 a month it covers van, and TM ...State Farm Thanks
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    Insurance for B/O suggestions

    Thanks @Scott W Do you have their info, web, phone?
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    Insurance for B/O suggestions

    Any business Operator can share what kind of insurance you have on your CC business: 1- how much are you paying 2- Your equipment is insured Thanks!
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    Any opinions on these three Prochem units?

    Jeff, what is wrong with the Peak? for 21K
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    New Air Duct Attachment

    8 years ago, I met a guys who used that kind to clean vents, later on it came the brush and the little ball.
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    Angiest List playing dark

    It's been many time those guys called me trying to sign me up for their "fabulous" service, but I never did. It called my attention, this is the 4th time I check their page from different computer and just notice that they show the name of my company if I look specifically for it but if I click...
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    New Toy kneeless kicker

    go to amazon @Todd the Cleaner I bought mine for 430 brand new w/ free shipment
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    New Toy kneeless kicker

    Interesting, let me know how that works
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    The Journey for my new to me TM begins.

    Congrats for your purchase Good Luck @Johnny Bravo