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    Peroxide in Unchained?

    Hi what's the % of H2O2 in Unchained? + or - 1% give or take :D
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    1.5” or 2” stack for LX?

    Man that's a ton of vacuum to partner with that pump, now you're "dry-cleaning" ;)
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    Atlantic Canada NL, PE, NS, NB

    Is anybody here from Atlantic Canada NL, PE, NS, NB ??? We are now offering free shipping to you fellas on order over $200 TMF Chemicals and other best brands only. Warm regards, Kenny Cosway 1 (866) 942-2740
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    Ninja Classic Upgrades

    If you want to upgrade your Ninja upgrade it to a Breeze LX :ROFLMAO:
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    How loud is your porty?

    lets find out ;) We tested several extractors to how much noise they make
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    Microfiber Towels | Suggestions or Tips

    I got some from Luxury microfiber and now I can't believe i ever used the costco ones to remove polish or wax LOL
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    Portable Carpet Extractor With Highest Lift Ratings?

    27 years now using portables and 17 years selling them I can tell you no machine I take out of the box (we sell 40 different models) has specs that match what you read about it on line so don't go by what you read :) A good example is the Ninja from Canada. For 25 years the spec has read 150"...
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    Anybody live in Manhattan

    How come we never hear much from guys who clean in big east coast cities?
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    FB GroutMaster in action

    Yes Call : 1 (866) 942-2740
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    TMF products for those of you in the GTA or SW Ontario

    Hi guys if you live around the GTA or even the Golden Horseshoe. You'll be glad to know we now have the following items in stock: Biopro 10k, GroutMaster, TileMaster, Pro-Safe, Pro Power, Supercap oxy, RSF spiked, Alkaline rinse, Acid Rinse, and Citrus Solve. call or text (416) 717-8455 prior...