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  • done with the biz. Good luck rug suckers, may your employees fudge you over the way you fudgeed them over
    Got in a fight with my coworker, since he has emphysema he thinks he can do bare minimum and get away with it. I told him otherwise.
    I have enrolled in a IICRC certification class on october 23rd and 24th. Please wish me luck. Thanks
    Another day, another miserable dollar. I think I like pressure washing just a tad more than sucking rug. But just a tad.
    Thank you for comment Wayne. And you are correct. Im personable, but only if I have to be. No doubt I need to work on that sort of thing.
    I currently work for greedy, cheap boss who puts no money in the business, spends all on personal luxuries. Im poorly paid also. Long story
    thinking of starting my own business, I have around 10 years experience. Advice? Im not a people person tho
    Wayne Thompson
    You have to become a people person to be in this business. I have seen carpet cleaners that had great people person skills make it in this business even though they did not clean that well. I have never seen carpet cleaners do well no matter how well they clean if they have no people person skills.
    a tube that one can hook vacuum lines to either end instead of hauling up vacuum line and then dropping it over a balcony or whatever
    Anyone heard of an attachment that basically replaces the vac line for second and third floor setups?(apartments) A telescoping tube
    I have a question regarding truckmount accessories. Just cant figure out how to ask it? I.e. how does one post?
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