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    Remember your first tm

    Hey Nick, Still got my first TM. HM Hydracat. Runs like champ. 3ht heater, 290 cat pump, 45 blower. Can do almost any repair on entire unit. I love simple easy machines to work on, dont you agree.
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    pic of the day

    I thought the same thing. I have cleaned alot of carpet and never have seen anything like that. Maybe a restraunt.
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    How much do you "net" per year??

    Edited. PM will be sent.
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    Lighting propane heater

    Just start your TM and pump, then turn on your propane, then go light the heater. If your light the propane and then turn on your TM, you will be ok. A few times I have turned off my TM and didnt turn off the heater. The heater just went to the pilot light. Like I mention unless the...
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    Can you list all of the manufacturers?

    I have a hydracat 23/45 with a 3ht heater in a 99 ford van.
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    Bait & Switch Scam

    Thats too bad to hear. Doing it to a little old lady. Karma.
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    Can you list all of the manufacturers?

    I took a tour of hydramaster a few years ago and they have quite the operation. I like stanley steemers idea about just making your own if you can. Save sooo much money. But their footprint in the van was larger than other units.
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    Blue Baron Truckmounts?

    Stay on topic nick. Unless you have anything to add to this topic, just stay out of it.
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    Can you list all of the manufacturers?

    Pleases stick to the topic Nick. New rules.
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    lowest priced house in your city?

    Living in a area with boeing, starbucks and microsoft house prices are crazy here. The closer you get to seattle the higher the prices go. In the seattle area, you can get a 50-100 year old house that is under 2000 sq ft for about $500,000. With a little yard. If a house is under $200,000...
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    True costs of cleaning carpets (Approx. 5 rms)

    That is really good advice. I do believe that the more of a foundation you have, the bigger you can build your house. Knowing your cost, having a good business and marketing plan is part of a good foundation. Eliminates waste in time and money.
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    lowest priced house in your city?

    Ok, if it has wheels, is it still considered a house. You can get a single wide on a 30-60 lot here for around $100,000.
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    How much do you "net" per year??

    88 now. Few think I am apart of a secret operation. Some know me personally. I live in the Mill Creek/Everett Area in south Snohomish. I am a one truck operation, been in the industry for over 10 years. My favorite color is green, I like B rated horror movies and yes I am dating a playmate.