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    To loud.

    In order to be quieter is there additional restriction within the silencer? I have been using the Stoddard silencer for decades on my over-driven #45 blower,
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    Namco husky stumped

    So, as I see it this machine has no cleaning solution tank, just a recovery tank? I've heard good things about the machine itself. While it's running, take a short section (about 5 feet) of 1.5" vac hose when you smell the burning smell and direct it to different areas under the machine to try...
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    Dumping waste water in septic tank?

    Get an APO! Use an inline vac filter. APO's are subtle when discharging and will make your day go so much easier!
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    Tankless water heater

    I would not want heated water going through the system pump, only cold water. I have 2 truckmounts, and both use the same model propane heater. They have been in operation for over 20 years of almost daily use and will put out more heat than you could ever possibly use, even when using dual...
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    Fresh Water Tank

    I use a black rubber garden hose that does not kink and cut it to proper lengths and then add new fittings. I have not had to fuss with it for over 15 years.
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    Fresh Water Tank

    Rubber hose is what I use.
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    Client accusing carpet cleaner of theft

    I agree with Randy. I have found money under furniture and will never take that because it is not mine. I put it on a table and tell the customer. If I find money on the sidewalk and no one is around, I would take that.
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    Cleaning old wands

    Once you remove any scum from the wand use some 0000 steel wool to put a shine on it again!
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    Name reasons you turn down jobs

    It is Stanley Steemer, not Stanley Steamer.
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    Rotovac Monsoon ETM

    I am looking for photos. It's too cold to do a pic now as the van needs to be totally straightened up a bit.
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    Rotovac Monsoon ETM

    I appreciate Jim with his info. He's one of the good guys! I am still using those old Lamb 7.2" vac motors that will just not die. I guess that's a good thing that they are still doing their job. I have no problem comparing ease of use and superb results with this ETM, as it gets the job done...
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    How often should carpets & furniture be cleaned?

    There is not one answer that covers everyone. It depends upon the traffic on the carpet/furniture.
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    What Do You Own And Why

    S[ide-in, because it is now in the 3rd van. It would be hard to do that with a DD! I purchased the slide-in in 1985!
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    Do you price match? What’s your reply?

    No. Our price for cleaning is based upon the high level of service that we provide. I can guarantee this level of service because I am present on every job. At this point and my age, I have no desire to expand our business.