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    Does anyone offer Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?

    Ultrasonic blind cleaning is an excellent add on. I still have an ultrasonic machine in excellent condition. If you are interested pm me your email address. This unit was sitting in a facility as our backup unit. FYI: I have contracts with several hospitals and city agencies to clean their...
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    Performer 405 Waste Tank Microswitch

    Hey Ara, I have a 405 that will not shut off when the float vlave is up. I think there is a problem with the microswitch. I found one laying on the floor of the van. Is there a diagram any where you know of so I can see where a new microswitch goes in this float assembly. Does it have to be...
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    Performer 405 Microprocessor SWAP

    The micros are a pain in the butt. I have 3 of them. I have also looked at having the conversion done. Same prices you are getting, I was also quoted. I decided with one of them to have the board replaced, it was around 1000.00 to have it done and now it has no issues. Have you considered that yet?
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    Upholstery tool

    Here are some of a sectional I did that was in a house fire. The entire sectional looked like the back of the chair does, nice dark brown and black.
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    Advice on new Truck Mount

    Take your time and look around, don't get into a rush. Test everything you look at. You can usually find better deals in the fall. I found several blazers set up in vans and bought them. As the units paid themselves off, I bought bigger machines, with more heat and vacuum. I still have my...
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    US Products ultimate

    I have several, in fact 6 ultimate pbIII's and I actually don't like any of them. I have several older units, 5 years old and 3 that are 18 months old. We experience the same loss of heat issue with ours. US products people have an arrogant attitude about their customers. I also have 6 ozone...
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    Prespray Additives

    I have to agree here with Kevin. Why does everyone want to boost everything? If it doesn't work why buy it? Move on to another product.
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    Irritated & Frustrated

    I wasn't impressed with cobb's "dynachem powermax" either. It does nothing for me at all. I agree that there are tons of products out there. the chemicals manufacturers are always "up selling" to us. How else can they make money. then you figure out that many of these products are made by...
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    Upholstery tool

    I decided to purchase a new upholstery tool and wanted to try on of the sapphire's. Well I did and I have to say, I really like it. It is a nice tool to work with and does a great job on upholstery. I have used it about half a dozen times now and I am convinced that this tool is right up there...
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    man I hate you stanley steamer

    I love SS. I really do! They have pushed more business my way over the last two years and I appreciate them. They are simply a marketing company that does carpet.
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    Dry Ice Blasting.... What do you know about it?

    It is nice you are all concerned about how much to charge and how to use it. Let me say this....get training using dry ice! let me say it again...get some training on using dry ice. Do some reading and understand what you are getting into using this method. yes, it works well for all of the...
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    PC Legend blowing water from exhaust

    What area of the country do you live in? If it is cold outside, make sure your van is kept heated at all times. Park it inside and put a heater in it. Now, it may also be that the water coming out of the exhaust is from the normal condensation. I would suggest you try and judge how much water is...
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    Final Van Wrap what do you think

    Server issues? I am not able to view any pictures
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    My first real test carpet cleaning

    170 sq ft in an hour? Ouch... I am curious, did you use any defoamer? Most of the time when a homeowner uses a rug doctor they will leave a residual in the carpet since the rug doctor will not rinse out the product completely. As you progress and learn more a nice defoamer will help save your...
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    got a black light

    My nose is burned out, so if I smell something it will be really bad. If I do detect something, I discuss it with the customer then I ask for permission to bring in my light to search for the source.