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  • Hi Jeff
    Just wanted to let you know my wife works at the transit plant in the quality control,,,give it a year or so before you buy one they're still working out some bugs and I dont wanna see any one buy what might turn out to be a lemon
    Hey Jeff i want to order pro sealer for grout sealing. Is it faster to order online or a phone call? Do i save any money ordering by the case? I hear its awesome on grout, cant wait to try!

    Hi Jeff,

    I was told you're the man to go to for some cleaning chemicals for doing daily cleaning on granite floor and a granite kitchen counter top. What do you offer to accomplish this?

    Hi Jeff,
    I read in one of your posts that you really like using the nylon brushes on your Cimex. Any certain brush you like?
    Hello BlackTie,

    My name is Roland, Im from California. I hear that you resently purchased an Amtex. Which model do you own? How long have owned it? Im thinking of purchasing an amtex 3047 or the marine. Dont really know yet. I wanted to speak to you if its possible whenever your available. I have questions about the machine. Can you pm me with contact or i can give you mine. Thank you
    Now that you have gone from a portable to truck mount, How much has your gas cost gone up? How is it easier to set up and clean than a portable? Has business picked up just because you have a TM now? I am thinking of getting a TM and these are all subjects people on here have said are great, but not really explained.
    Hey mike, yep I was in that waste of time spot class. Call me sometime and I'll tell ya my conversation with the Robert and the manager. Total f'in waste of two hours!! I tell ya there is so much info on this site and YouTube . I am ordering robb's DVD set due to many many guys love it. If you buy some of his pre-spray, he throws in the DVD for free.

    I live here in Vegas and went round and round with that Robert guy about Portys. Too long to type, another call sometime. I actually posted a thread on here, named rep almost tossed me out of his store.... Read it sometime.

    I ran my m5-ds with 100' of hose with no issues today for 1700 sqft. Carpet was clean and almost dry when I left. Get the air hog when you can, it turns your porty into a TM!!

    Call me this weekend, would love to chat.

    Hey Jeff, i think we were in the same spot class the other day in Las Vegas. I drove out for the Cert. class given the following two days and got into the spot class for free. You were right, that class was a joke. Being new to the carpet side of the service business, i am ashamed i spent the money to go to this class, the following two days werent bad, but more of the same. There is soo much info in this business, lots to absorb. If i wanted to learn about sales and marketing i would have paid for a sales and marketing class. I am really frustrated. The guys at Interlink were nice and somewhat informative, although they have large sales in mind, like truck mounts and major chems. i just dont think it was worth it. Anyway good luck. I too am a M5 owner, you should have heard what the instructor said about our portables. UGggh. Talk to you later.
    Mike Meena
    Palm Desert window and carpet care
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