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  • Bill talk to me about pet "safe" pad If this urine sits on the surface of the pad will it cause faster delamination? What is your experience? It's 2x the price of decent rebond maybe its not worth it? What are your feelings?


    Hey Jan,
    Yes I certainly remember you. It seems you also came to our Mini Clinics when we came to Oklohoma. Hope yu are doing well.

    Sorry I didn't see this message till today.

    Here's to your continued success.

    Hello Bill,
    You may not remember me because I know you have been in contact with hundreds if not thousands of
    people in this industry. When I got serious into carpet cleaning I purchaced a Bane-Clene Mini Mount back in
    1989. It seems like you did a lot of the teaching there in Indianapolis. I came again with a fellow Baner named Dennis Webb to a specialized class for what , I don't remember . Anyway you were always pleasant
    and easy and we enjoyed and appreciated that very much!

    Jan Sullins
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