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    Website in Tampa

    Hey guys i have a website with PR of 1 and on the first page of google towards bottom i am either going to shut down or i can sell take a peek let me know what you think and make me an offer the maintinence $ on it is very little. just a thought i hate to see all the hard work go in the toilet...
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    From rank #1 to #6

    don't freak out and make to many changes just be patient
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    Commercial glue down carpet

    They never got back to me after sending the estimate i guess you can't win them all, on a positive note i am beginning to become busier and actually making money
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    Commercial glue down carpet

    Thanks guys i will go take a look and quote her i explained that there is no reason it should be host clean only and the benefits of HWE
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    Commercial glue down carpet

    I had a call this morning from a physical therapy business she stated that she had commercial glue down Carpet and it Had to be cleaned by the host method. I was unsure so I asked her to email me the dimensions and assess and I could give her a quote I first waned to know can I clean this carpet...
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    Just started the business 3 weeks ago.

    It's fickle out there gonna have to bust your butt to start if your willing to do that you will do fine BUT never under price something just to get the work it never works out to your favor with compliments or callbacks TRUST me the cheapies are always the ones that complain and callback for new...
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    Over, Under , or Close on a bid

    Yeah that is kinda low i would have bid 1200.00 but i bid on a restuarant the other week and the guy thought i was crazy, the size was 2000 sq ft 300 chairs and 50 tables i bid 1500.00 and he said stanley steemer did it last time for 250.00 bucks and had the invoice i could not believe it he...
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    would you clean this carpet?

    Wait so you say she has no MONEY but she has money for a carpet cleaning?
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    59.99 and 69.99 HOW DO THEY DO IT

    I am to new to even touch that rick i didnt want to get in over my head so i took the safe route. I didn't know you could do bleach repairs i will have to look into that.
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    Bag Of Rocks

    Cost money to make money majority of the time, Most don't believe that it is just plain hard work that gets a business up and running. I have found that 1. Excellent customer service and top notch work get referrals 2. Google ad words works with proper keywords and budget 3. Google organic...
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    Leads by fone

    is this for water and fire damage only or do they offer carpet tile upholstery leads?
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    59.99 and 69.99 HOW DO THEY DO IT

    That the response i get from most clients WOW thats expensive and what about those deals........ i explain to them same thing people have come to expect low prices because of guys like the 3 room 55 dollar guy
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    my machine works good but doesent look to good.

    Doesnt matter what does matter is the end product/service people just want visibly clean and smelling great carpet but it doesnt hurt to clean up and take care of what you have to the best of your ability within your means