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    VCT strip, wax, and maintenance

    Are they moving the tables and chairs etc? If so the prices may be a little high JMO
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    Oreck lowboy or challenger

    I know this is an older post. I have a Challenger but have been using a Vario. Hands down the Challenger wins.Vario is loud in a residential setting. Handle is floppy and seems cheesey Some types of pads get hung up between the driver and the bell Im Sorry but I just dont like it. If only...
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    What Is your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Set-up?

    John spares no expense his products are top shelf
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    What Is your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Set-up?

    We did a job last wk I used the dual speed I averaged over 2k an hr using Tuway's
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    How does the surround encap compare to release it?

    Never used releasit I have used alot of Surround Ultra The smell of it hooks my customers. I would compare the cleaning power to Encap green. Price is unbeatable Hard to beat free shipping on a case. I do boost it with Peroxide on occasion to help with really nasty stains
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    FiberPlus Pads for Residential

    [quotdenCarpetCleaning, post: 616354, member: 17850"]Hey guys, I'm just starting out with a Challenger OP machine and ordered some of the FiberPlus pads. Are those things really okay for residential carpets? They look really.... scratchy. Feels like they would rip up the carpet. Lol. I just...
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    Question on Encap

    Yes your set up would be good for encap. the benefits are numerous. Fast drying less wicking. Hwe can be used less frequently.
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    Vct bid

    Microfiber flat mop system either with a bucket or a backpack. Alot less messy than rayon
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    Dental office

    We picked up a dental office as a weekly janitorial account. 70/30 VCT carpet. I mopped about 1500 sq ft of VCT and noticed these little black spots. scraped up a few and figured it was wax from dental impressions. The more i mopped the more I found. I ended up scraping them up with a razor. Is...
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    Pet urin staining on tile & grout...

    I have used an 02 type cleaner with good success (pee rad) dump on let it dwell into the grout suck out then use a rotary to dry Watch the edges by the baseboards
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    favorite wax for vct?

    While we are on the subject We recently picked up a dentist office for as a janitorial account We also will be doing the vct. I dont have a burnisher but only a dual speed rotary. Is there a finsh available that will keep the wet look eventhough its not burnished. Or should I bite the bullet and...
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    trying to find a reasonable encap set up...

    13 inch is too small for anything but small areas 20 inch is too big for residential work 17 inch is a good size for both
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    Encap on restaurants

    rent a portyI dont think a CRB is a gonna do much for ya as a stand alone cleaning method
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    Favorite Juice

    Surround boosted with detonator for res. Hotknife boosted with detonator for commercial. Gonna try John K's revive products asap Steve's new scent product may solve the Hot Knife and I red complaints I get