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    Powder Vs Liquid

    When comparing the average size pale of LIQUID chemical VS same similar pale of POWDER chemical, what are the comparisons in usage rates?
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    Video Testimonials

    Is anyone using VIDEO TESTIMONIALS? We all know how important reviews are, and how big video is becoming, but what about video testimonials from customers on our websites and social platforms? When you search for a product or service do you watch video testimonials?
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    Hardwood floor question, dirt dragon

    age? Anything you had to replace so far? cost? Thanks
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    Hardwood floor question, dirt dragon

    What is everyone charging for wood floor cleaning?
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    Hardwood floor question, dirt dragon

    That’s awesome man!
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    Hardwood floor question, dirt dragon

    Curious if the dirt dragon is a quality product for PROPER hardwood floor cleaning... Im curious is the dirt dragon similar to the rotobrush for air ducts, meaning its garbage and not the proper way to clean air ducts. Dont take offense air duct guys, just trying to get a comparison going...
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    Email Marketing Strategy

    We have been using MailChimp for the last 4 years to stay in touch with our past clients by email communication. We currently send 4 automated emails, beginning with; a day after cleaning follow up and review asking email, at 2 weeks a referral email, month and half in "did you know about our...
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    Ahrefs or Semrush?

    I hear ya, no matter where I look I find something different. Anyone else have site recommendations?
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    Sign Up Today and Grow Your Business!

    Don't know what we would do without it!
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    Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant

    Rug cleaning Orlando
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    Ahrefs or Semrush?

    They seem the same to me for the most part, recently got Ahrefs but not commited long term. What are your go to tools for SEO?
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    Shifting focus......

    Yea, we have done many DBA's thats your best route
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    Queensboro! Absolutely the best customer service experience!

    Since my last post, when I brought it up to the techs and office manager, they all reminded me that they need more shirts. So we got another order in and got some new shirts with our new Oriental Rug logo on some as well. They continue to impress.
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    Housecall the future

    We where able to get a free 3 month trial of it. We started last week and got one online booking so far. In process of overhauling website, which we will be really pushing customers to use our online booking tools such as LiveChat and others. Ill update in a couple months and let ya'll know how...
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    Anyone use ....

    wow what did this thread turn into...