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    GoDaddy wants to make me a website.

    We immediately started with the local marketing company. they will build the website and they manage all of your inbound leads.
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    Does anybody use tablets for invoicing on a residential carpet cleaning job?

    Isn’t this a lot of work? It’s 200$ a month for HouseCall pro and qbo. Then, everything’s is done-and you have an IT team if anything is an issue.
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    Does anybody use tablets for invoicing on a residential carpet cleaning job?

    Just call them. Scheduling, integrations, email campaigns 877-944-9010
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    Google Local Services

    We got a call from google rep too... however, we did apply to be a “google guaranteed” company. From what I recall, this too was a sliding ‘per lead’ cost. BE AWARE-I asked my marketing guy and he too said “google wouldn’t just call some company like that, I don’t think. He would have had to...
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    Help with this fireplace cleaning

    Now THIS would be fun to clean... we have polished up a few interior stone/brick feature walls and fireplace faces, post Hurricane. Dry soil removal is so crucial. That soot and fine dust immediately runs through the stone and brick if moistened. Tried a vapor steamer, didn’t work as well as...
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    Waste water disposal

    The water use statement started when a neighbor at a condo unit told me it was illegal for me to use the water attached to the building... really lady?!
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    Waste water disposal

    In short: Bayou City Steam Cleaning can use water from a leased or owned property with consent. Can dump and dispose of waste water using sanitary sewer clean out; or other means of disposal as long as it does not run off into storm sewer.
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    Waste water disposal

    As Robert86 said... just talk to your local agency. They should tell you exactly what you will be able to do-legally. I have a letter in my truck from public works that states my limits. Had a county sheriff reply to a neighbors complaint once, he was gone within 45 seconds after reading letter...
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    Zipper Wand

    I just recently got the bonzer and it did that on some CGD. I found that cutting in your borders and corners first, then working on center at a 45 degree. Since most are stitched at a 90 I’m guessing, it doesn’t catch and release the suction momentarily.
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    Has Anyone Heard Of The Company SERVIZ ?

    We still wanna know if Serviz paid!!! Haha
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    Favorite things clients say...

    “Listen son, I’ll make you a deal...” (Old man thinking his carpets weren’t clean enough)
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    Looks good! Nice and bright... wash that van constantly. Dirty white work vans are a sore thumb. Did they wrap plain white on hood and areas were there is no content?
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    FB Seriously

    Does anyone see spelling errors?
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    FB Christmas holidays have started!! Truckmount parked! Starting the long drive from Northern British

    Same here for me. Four today, one tomorrow. However, I am back Tuesday for a 7am job! Woof.