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    @Todd the Cleaner is in the hospital.

    Not to get greg started.....but my dad died last year from mantle cell came from 20+ years as a golf course superintendent dealing with MONSANTO products. We all know it. And I absolutely agree about pigs. In my house it's mostly beef, some chicken and the only pork is the...
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    What happened when I switched business models

    Up until January of last year, we were. Carpet cleaning company. Rugs, tiles, showers, etc. I grew tired of the constant screwing we were allowing to happen to ourselves by product manufacturers and truckmount manufacturers. Equipment costs are way to high in this industry vs what we can make...
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    Is this cleanable?

    That carpet should have been ripped out and probably was allocated for such, seems a contractor is trying to shave thousands to make more profit......
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    Nu buck leather or not

    I concur, I believe it is microfiber meant to look like leather, drillbrush with kleenrite upholstery spray (red label, has a ammonia base).
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    Are you prepared for a recession?

    Since we dont clean anymore, strictly general contractor with a speciality in insurance claims we've been able to put back a good personal war chest. Secondly working on stock piling long term food supplies to last at least 3 years, some cash kept in a safe instead of bank. Supplies of propane...
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    Tile Master on soot from grease fire.

    You did well, a good contractor or adjuster would have gotten all carpet replaced and all walls repainted though
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    Bad adjuster

    I deal with the adjuster just long enough to get him to say yes this project is a go, but the xactimate report is done before he gets there. Then my argument is with the DESK adjuster not the field adjuster and as long as you have IRC 2015 code to back you and can prove everything you put in to...
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    Regarding Termination by the owner.

    We have a legally binding contract that entitles me to 35% if you get stupid. I keep my attorney ready for such crap. Everything I do is done in writing, xactimate quotes, contract, punch tickets, everything. Copied to insurance and homeowner. We get a percentage of money before any work starts...
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    Featured Aloha Dave's Final Days

    I'm deeply saddened to hear about Dave, this brings back painful memories of watching my father deteriorate and ultimately die of mantle cell lymphoma. We watched him wither way over 9 months last year. His one and only grand child (my daughter) was born in may last year and my dad passed in...
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    How do I get rid from the Carpet Odor which sustained the Water Damage?

    Rule of thumb from doing insurance claims. If it squishes, it gets ripped out. Insurance will pay to replace it, why try to save it. 99% of the time I have ZERO trouble getting any all flooring replaced. Forget drying it out. Yes, dry out walls if not too wet, but honestly if the drywall is...
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    Houston, we have a problem! (ehm, need advice actually)

    And I was being generous because this guy is new in the business. There's no way right out of the gate his average ticket is 500 or better so....too may free jobs
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    Houston, we have a problem! (ehm, need advice actually)

    $60k machine.....$1k+ payment, average job being $175 that means the first SEVEN jobs you do every month are for free. Screw that noise. The sooner you start looking at your business as the number of free jobs you have to do every month, the sooner you tell equipment manufacturers and chemical...
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    Quote/Bid help (marijuana biz)

    Actual answer, your hoses and tools will smell like a stinking pot head. Then your upscale homes are going to think you are a drug addict, at worst case high end homes don't want that nasty smell in their homes, in the end you lose money
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    Quote/Bid help (marijuana biz)

    Walk away. Leave them with their own problem. Damn drug dealers
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    Client messaged me and said...

    Walmart doesn't negotiate price neither does the doctor, or target, or Starbucks, etc. While I'll admit carpet cleaning prices are higher than they should be due to the equipment being much more expensive than it should be (but I digress). My price is set, period. Like it or leave it, I don't...