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  • I am having some electrical issues with a performer 405. Any way I can pay you for a phone tech support? It would be well worth a hundred bucks to pick your brain a bit. My number is 530 693 9154 and I can paypal you some money to cover your time.
    Having trouble with my honda engine. 24hp gx670 under 1000hrs. Engine turns just won't turn all the way over. I have spark and fire. Sprayed starter fluid and it ran for a few seconds. Carb or fuel pump? Thanks for any help,or advice. Sorry to bother this is just killing me right now.

    I am a fellow carpet cleaner here in Chicago (southside) and looking for info on how to keep my box trucks from freezing. I have a warehouse we strore them in that is heated. My concern is when traveling at night from job site to job site.

    Please can you call me to discuss some options 708-932-2003 Bob
    Hey how u doin? I was searching TM forums about this pump out that I recently purchased used and I found this thread. I was curious on how to install this item and I was wondering if you could send me some pics of your install. And could you give me any advise on what to do. That's if you still have the Prochem pump out i'm talking about. Thanks and I could use the info.
    i own a steamway galaxy 4100 just bought it and its in pretty good shape I also live in chicago area... having some pump issues and wondering if you could take a look? I am owner operator and cant afford a lot of down time.. also wondering if you know where i could find a owners manual for wiring and the macine basically... thanks for your time.. Steve call me would be best 708-374-3475
    hey Ara, your name was brought up and see if you can help me, i am having a time deciding on sapphire 370 or boxxer 321, the boxxer has coupling to blower and the 370 has belts, which is better in your opinion, also, the 370 has a cat pump, bigger blower, more psi, aluminum frame and waste tank,...The boxxer only has 1000psi and smaller waste tank and steel frame with coupling to blower, but,,,the saleman is pushing the boxxer, What is your suggestion on the two or which is better, i know the sapphire is newer but, it sure has the good parts in it, and both have a two year waranty.
    Thanks, Steve
    Hi Ara, I have a Legacy 2100 and I'm having problems with the wayne burner. It sounds and appears to not be burning off the fuel consistently, I replaced the spray tip and adjusted the air intake, but it blows off the unspent fuel and it has a vacilating sound with the burner. When I adjust the air completely open it doesn't even ignite. The pump is putting out 100 psi, but the pump spec's say at 2 gpm it should run at 150-200psi. My spray tip is set at 1.65 so I wonder if the pressure is too low. Any suggestions?
    man i did not expect that Sonnen backed up everythimg he said.
    but anderson found the way to win and that is what champions do!
    Big country roy can take beat up. Dos Santos could not KO him, what a chin from Roy.
    probably one of the best card!
    I was a fan from thiago Alves, but he can not use his tools (leg kicks) because he is bad on wrestling. so he goes down easy.
    No way Rua will win. Machida did some mistakes, he wont do it again, machida is a smarter figther than Rua.
    the engine ara i dont know what to do. gladdy,pay for the manual then i would have better understanding 704 906 6584
    i have a steamway 2100 promatic it runs great for about 5minutes and cuts off help!!!!! please email me or 7049066584 i have water diagram i need electical digram
    do you know anyone in the chicago area that can't make the game the Final Four and want to sell a ticket? Me and my wife are heading out from S. Dakota today and she and her girlfriend have tickets but I do not.
    ill ask you you have more time on here ( steve lillard ) has a geen horn wand for sale 300.00 he paid 700 last year i really want one of these,would you buy from some one here and how would you go about it let me know thanks scott
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