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    match a marker up to to it
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    What is your opinion?? Need your help

    I think u should make them both
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    chemical injection

    get a pump up sprayer
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    Worst Filtration Ever. What would you use?

    hope you are chargeing 16 grand for that
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    TMF: professional grade or child's play?

    Maybe is past his 2nd forty and he dont have any friends
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    Selling Carpet Protector

    You are 100% right my friend If you do that you sale alot more
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    Van Wraps Is lettering/wraps really necessary? Really?

    U got me falling out of my chair reading this. TOOOOO dam funny but true. I have a old blue van with tinted windows that is an back up and my friends call it the night stalker.
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    Rich client suing her maid over this-Ouch!

    If you can do the work then do it but before talk to her and have her sigh a waiver form
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    Cleaning for free..check it out

    I would yes Do it all the time
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    Christmas came early for us

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    Cleaning for free..check it out

    U do it out of kindness. I would do it every 3 to 4 months for nothing.
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    i am getting a brutal rotten eggs odor after cleaning with hydramaster boxxer 421 any ideas?i am get

    From your machine? Both my butler and prochem do it. Put some smell good down the house about half a qt then poor water down the house
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    I am in an awkward position - Help!

    go to the bank borrow money buy used to get going