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  • Hello there I read a post where your legend kept bogging down and several forum members provided you with sound advice. Have you got the problem sorted out or are you still sorting it out? If you have sorted it out please tell me what you did to remedy the problem(s). I have a Prochem Apex that keeps bogging down under load
    Where did your icon go??? I liked seeing your brush, made easy to find your post... Now you just have the generic avatar... Booo
    Hey , my bridgepoint lancer by prochem with 3300 hours on it. After a freezy weather the truckmount startet to give issues. Plz check a pic . When I turn the ignition key on the truckmount the pump starting to pump water and same moment water started to leak thru vacuum exhaust and from the engine (heatexchanger exhaust) . The machine will start but after working 5-10 seconds shuts off. Plz help
    I have light brown streaks after cleaning wool carpet. How do I fix
    Try an acid rinse...you should ask the boards also for different opinions. If it's really bad you may need to use a 'brownout' product.
    robert boyer
    is there a way for me to send you a picture of this? I tried citric acid did not work.
    On TMF ask same question and enter @Scott Warrington, he's the man to help best. He will probably suggest using a 'Brown Out' product of his. Good Luck!
    Aloha, saw your post on chemicals. Currently using ProChem and not happy (price or results). What Bridgepoint stuff are you using/recommend? Thx
    Looking to meet new friends in the cleaning world, also want to buy a new stair tool, any tips ?
    Pretty much anything they sell. Pros choice is another Great line!
    Kleaners Supply and Service
    IICRC Water Damage and Restoration Class WRT
    November 7th-9th 2014, 8:30 start time Friday-Sunday
    Kleaners Supply and Service Facility
    10600 Maumelle Boulevard, North little Rock, AR 72118 (501)765-5492
    Price for the Class is $350.00 Each Person, seating is limited,
    Lunch Will be provided all three days.
    Contact Will at 501-765-5492 to sign up for the class and any other questions.
    After years of just thinking about it, I have finally decided to start a residential carpet cleaning business and would like to ask for some advice from a seasoned pro. I have about $10,000 to invest, 10+ years sales experience. Should I invest in a truck mounted system or start with a portable Rotovac package? If you would like to share some knowledge over the phone as well, my cell is 512 940 2531.

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    Philthy Phil
    Truck mounts seem are great, my question is are you dealing with skyscrapers ? If not go with the truck mount
    Hello Dave. love that pole were can I buy it from and how much.
    you never told me about that. I am using a shit pole as of now.
    hello Dave got to try your grout brush out. how much can I buy one for.
    thank you Vito Trupiano
    679 Pine Crest LN.
    Naples, Fl. 34104
    I am interested in your grout brush . how do I get one to try and how much. thank vito
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