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    Is this a good deal?

    I've got this for sale if you're interested..
  2. AJS Cleaning & Restoration

    ProChem Apex 2010 Check this out if you're looking for a van/tm
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    I'd get a couple to get you started with on self pay losses. They're cheap enough and 4 jobs in you'll have em paid for. Id get either of these asap bro and like I've said before I'll help in any way I can. Spring is right around the corner, rainy season!
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    Janitoria Land...

    Damnnnnn Luis killin it with that wrap!!!
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    I won a Contest ! Just received my Prize in the Mail !

    And his brushes are the shizz! I use them at least once/twice a week!
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    I won a Contest ! Just received my Prize in the Mail !

    Aloha is one hell of a guy, I've never met him only talked to him a couple of times on TMF and whenever I see him posting I can't wait to see his posts! Fricken hilarious!
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    Please share FB page

    Hey John, In today's day and age internet marketing will be your go to for acquiring new customers! Try Craigslist & Facebook community pages. Or you can boost ads on Facebook if you've got an advertising budget. My page is if it helps at all. Good...
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    is this offensive? WTF....

    I wonder how offended she would be at this... People need to chill, life's to short to be worried about little stuff like that. As my favorite comedian Katt Williams says enjoy yo motha fudgein' life!
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    Do you charge for taxes?

    I include it in my price.. I always charge an even price with tax included and then subtract 6%.. A lot more people pay cash with even prices
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    Who is still using Odorcide ?

    Would running odorcide through the chem feed leave residue behind that would make the carpets dirty faster?
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    Website Feedback

    Your website sucks! You suck as a cleaner! Your van wrap sucks! Your machine sucks! Hahaha just kidding bro! Looks good!
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    Before and after contest

    Just got done with this one, prespray 5 mins dwell time and extract. Homeowner hasn't cleaned in 8yrs and didn't want to pay for anything additional.
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    Flying down to Los Angeles today to buy a WDR franchise

    Will seems like a good guy, at least from his previous posts on tmf and I think he got screwed like a mofo with this deal. 911 restoration calls me every 2-3 months saying we have work available in your area now can you help us and when you say yes then they transfer you to a lady who shall...
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    Found these for sale locally. Are they worth the $$$$

    If you don't wanna buy this, send me sellers number please! I've been looking for one forever and this is a good price.