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    Veterans Day 2019 TMF Store Sale! Ends tonight at midnight!

    Here is a list of coupons and specific product sales! Sitewide discount (not valid for any other discounts) use code: VET2019 at checkout for 5% off your entire order! Expires tonight at midnight! Blue Label PAILS (Prespray) get $25/off each pail and free ground shipping, use code: GOBLUE25 at...
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    Profile help

    Send me a private message with your new info and ill make the changes :)
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    housecall call pro

    Visit this link: it shows 30% - its UP to 30% off depending on which plan you choose. I can get a rep to reach out if you'd like?
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    Get 10% off Unchained Urine Odor Remover and Free Shipping over 150

    This weekend you can get 10% off USOR Unchained with free shipping over $150, click the link below or you can use code: UC10 at checkout =
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    What Cell phone do you use?

    iPhone 11 Pro Max - ive been a heavy iphone fan for the past 10 years.
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    1st truck mount advice

    Kacy with Reliabuilt is a great company to do business with. Regarding your response though, what is your budget?
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    Gearing up for new carpet cleaning video commercials

    You are right, the a/b split test is shooting for basic just showing the methods vs lets say a commercial like we have done here:
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    Gearing up for new carpet cleaning video commercials

    We have been a/b split testing some new carpet cleaning video commercials to advertise them to locals, here is one of our quick recent videos.
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    Orbot SLiM new Cordless Orbital Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Machine

    The Orbot SliM is a powerful lithium battery rechargeable operated cleaning machine, the next generation of orbital floor cleaning machines to be used to clean carpet, stone, wood, vinyl and safety floors. The new battery powered Orbot SLiM allows the operator the freedom to work effortlessly...
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    Took my son out cleaning carpets the other day

    Trying to show my son the ropes of carpet cleaning and what is all involved with cleaning up urine, odors and more. He just turned 16 recently, id still like for him to learn other trades to gain experience of how it is to work for other owners vs our own.
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    Unchained question

    Yes, you can use it as a pre-intra-post
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    Orbot Slim

    1. This product is NEW to the USA which is why there is close to 6 weeks in production. 2. You can charge it while using the machine, the adapter should be ready I believe in November to my knowledge. 3. Youtube video coming later today explaining everything you need.
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    Please contact @Jerry etheridge

    Please contact @Jerry etheridge