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  • hey man all the buttons are added hope you like what ive done and if you need anything else done feel free to ask
    could you send me over the ftp username / password when ya get a chance

    ive finished up a few things but i wanna add new buttons now
    Thanks to you and your father for the TMF sticker and Fels Naptha soap. Never seen that before . Do you have any links for where and when I should use it?
    Also not so sure i like the new site. Maybe I just need to get used to it but I liked it more before, it was easier to use. Also whats up with the new "top 5" members. I know I'm no where near that nor do I want to be, but to have the floor guy 724 in the top 3 , I laughed my ass off at that one. Are you guys crazy, for real I don't know as much as some about this profession but I at least know he shouldn't even be considered. The canadian Richard knows way more than him. Wandwizard should be where floor guy 724 I don't understand what you are trying to accomplish by doing that but you are probably offending people when you don't need to.
    Tre, I will be doing a live phone interveiw on stone cleaning and polishing with Pro Cleaners Clubhouse tomorrow night.

    I would like to post a promotion about it, but was not sure if how you would view this. Not sure if they are the "competition" or what.
    Hey Tre, can you take a look into my mod status plz. It shows I'm a mod, but I have no mod rights. Thanks for your help,

    hello Tre

    You were talking about doing a live event. Pls tell me you thoughts on this.
    call me if you like

    866 885 7847
    Hey Tre, thought u might find this interesting... quoted...

    Larry Cobb Post subject: Re: Powermax vs Oxy Blaster.Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:59 am

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    First Name: Larry
    Last Name: Cobb
    Years in Trade: 25 Ashley;

    An activated Carbon filter will remove some chlorine and other material from your water.

    I do not think that would effect the prespray or rinse process.

    I am, however, a big proponent of Reverse Osmosis (pure water) as providing the BEST rinse possible for carpet cleaning.

    It leaves less residue on the carpet of any rinse process that I am aware of.


    ~ November Sale - PowerMax Prespray - 14" Angle-Jet Wand ~~~ Cobb Carpet Web Site ~~ Phone 800-634-2622

    Check out the new 24 HP HONDA Truckmount
    Have I been kicked off??, I cant seem to log on & post? Thanks, tommy O.
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