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  • could you send me over the ftp username / password when ya get a chance

    ive finished up a few things but i wanna add new buttons now
    Thanks to you and your father for the TMF sticker and Fels Naptha soap. Never seen that before . Do you have any links for where and when I should use it?
    Also not so sure i like the new site. Maybe I just need to get used to it but I liked it more before, it was easier to use. Also whats up with the new "top 5" members. I know I'm no where near that nor do I want to be, but to have the floor guy 724 in the top 3 , I laughed my ass off at that one. Are you guys crazy, for real I don't know as much as some about this profession but I at least know he shouldn't even be considered. The canadian Richard knows way more than him. Wandwizard should be where floor guy 724 I don't understand what you are trying to accomplish by doing that but you are probably offending people when you don't need to.
    Tre, I will be doing a live phone interveiw on stone cleaning and polishing with Pro Cleaners Clubhouse tomorrow night.

    I would like to post a promotion about it, but was not sure if how you would view this. Not sure if they are the "competition" or what.
    Hey Tre, can you take a look into my mod status plz. It shows I'm a mod, but I have no mod rights. Thanks for your help,

    hello Tre

    You were talking about doing a live event. Pls tell me you thoughts on this.
    call me if you like

    866 885 7847
    Hey Tre, thought u might find this interesting... quoted...

    Larry Cobb Post subject: Re: Powermax vs Oxy Blaster.Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:59 am

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    First Name: Larry
    Last Name: Cobb
    Years in Trade: 25 Ashley;

    An activated Carbon filter will remove some chlorine and other material from your water.

    I do not think that would effect the prespray or rinse process.

    I am, however, a big proponent of Reverse Osmosis (pure water) as providing the BEST rinse possible for carpet cleaning.

    It leaves less residue on the carpet of any rinse process that I am aware of.


    ~ November Sale - PowerMax Prespray - 14" Angle-Jet Wand ~~~ Cobb Carpet Web Site ~~ Phone 800-634-2622

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    Have I been kicked off??, I cant seem to log on & post? Thanks, tommy O.
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