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    Does smoking weed help or hurt a business?

    Love reading the conversation, thanks all! Just wanted to add my (possibly funny) two bits: When I was 20 (30 years ago), my good friend and roomie was a carpet cleaner at that time, and he would get up at 5am every morning, get ready to go, and hit a few plunge tokes before heading out the...
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    Client refused cleaning over political view

    This entire thread is a time-wasting endeavour.
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    List your most effective advertising

    This is awesome! I will warn against being a one-trick pony - and relying on Google search results 100% can drastically backfire, on every algorithm shift.
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    Used Truckmounts - Used Carpet Cleaning Vans - Used Carpet Cleaning Equipment A free service to connect buyers & sellers of used truck mounts & used carpet cleaning vans across USA and Canada. No fees or commissions!
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    2007 Cleanco 56 in a 2007 Chevy 3500 Extended and portbles and misc supplies and equipment

    We see truck mounts / vans selling in less than 24 hours on our site, others can sit there for months without a bite.... as mentioned above, there are a ton of factors at play: price point, equipment condition... geography plays a part also - someone selling out of Idaho for example, can wait...
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    QR Code

    The 2nd link was just an example of a link with UTM tracking, not a valid domain :) Cheers.
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    QR Code

    when you embed your URL in the QR code, highly reco'd to add UTM tracking parameters to the URL - that way you can see how many people are actually scanning the code :) ie. code&utm_medium=business_card&utm_campaign=2018 cards ....and yes, it's a great...
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    Used truckmounts and carpet cleaning vans for sale

    Redesigned, revamped and re... well, you get the picture ;) Lots of changes on the website, super mobile-friendly. Still free! Buy and sell used truckmounts, used carpet cleaning vans, and used carpet cleaning equipment from private sellers across North America. Free to use, no fees or...
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    Truck Mounts for Sale offers a free service to connect buyers & sellers of used carpet cleaning equipment all across North America.
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    Advertising with Microsoft adCenter / Bing

    Implementation of the partnership between MS and Yahoo is coming up, right around the corner: Yahoo released an update to advertisers on Friday to announce that it will begin serving organic search results from Microsoft’s Bing search engine starting in August or September. So now is the time...
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    Godaddy & Website Tonight

    Well done Luis! Thanks for affirming my earlier comment.... A professionally done website is a GREAT business asset - but your business won't fail without one - and can apparently even prosper :)
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    Godaddy & Website Tonight

    " Or if they never find even your "bad site" because of poorly designed search strategies this will be an even bigger disaster... Call Tre or if you must another web designer- do it today." JonDon1 "I completely agree with you on this one. If you have the cashflow and the revenue to afford...
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    Godaddy & Website Tonight

    Sorry, devils advocate post. A simple "do-it-yourself" website will serve you fine, if you follow the basic rules. I personally would ignore the various upsells that are being proposed to you in this discussion, especially when starting out. You don't need a flashy website to succeed. There...
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    Facebook users...

    Social marketing so far, is not a large-converting crowd. They might come and visit your FB page, maybe even follow a link to your real site, but by and large, conversions are almost zero. Conversion = desired action of your website, ie. a booking. Organic search out performs social media...