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    Technician pay

    I’ve always wanted to try a commission system but have been hesitant in fear it could cause customer service to suffer because they are just trying to make it to the next job. I have no idea if that’s true or not but I’ve always wondered. Also we serve two markets and it’s not unusual for us to...
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    Technician pay

    One thing I’ve noticed about paying my guys is that the hourly pay doesn’t always sound that attractive but they get many more hours than other jobs, and a lot of that time is drive time. As Greg pointed out his guy is making 42k at 15 bucks an hour.
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    Featured Official Groutmaster worlds best tile and grout cleaner before & after pics

    How long does grout master stay good after it is mixed?
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    Special Formula for what?

    I’ve used them all except RSF, and I ordered samples today so I look forward to seeing the results. I will let you know what I find. I’m looking forward to trying out TMF products for the first time!
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    The new TMF Swivel wand is awesome!

    I’m interested. How does it compare it performance to the devastator?
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    Could a pulsation dampener cause all that?

    So after a few days the nightmare is back. Turns out it wasn’t the pulsation dampener after all. So my question it where is this coming from? I am assuming I am pulling air in somewhere? Is there anyway to check fittings for air leaks? I have more questions than answers. I don’t see anything...
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    Could a pulsation dampener cause all that?

    Tomorrow will tell the tale I suppose. I really hope that’s all it was. Very strange...
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    Could a pulsation dampener cause all that?

    So I’ve been running my first butler I’ve ever owned and I love it. Recently I’ve been experiencing some pulsation in the line, along with un steady pressure, and pretty much the pump acting all kinds of crazy. After troubleshooting with butler on the phone,and trying to figure this thing out, I...
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    I love my rotovac 360 I .. why would I ever use a wand

    Well you know what they say about opinions but here goes mine. I’ve used both, and a lot of it does come down to preference. I am a CRB and wand guy for a number of reasons. First the fact that most rotaries are cumbersome and don’t get into tight spaces well, I’ve found that any time saved by...
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    6000 sq ft home pricing

    Just to clarify and make sure I'm not misunderstanding. Are you saying you did this entire job by yourself in 5 hours? I know I'm late on this thread, just ran across it.
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    Yup just simply crack the valve to cool the unit down. I do that from time to time especially when I use an inline sprayer because if I don't I will get nothing but vapor out of the sprayer. High heat is great for cleaning but it kills everything. Fittings, and couplings just won't hold up...
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    It works pretty much by using the blowers heat. So you have two exchangers. One that exchanges heat from the radiator and the other that uses the blower. That's why if you want the higher heat package you have to pay for a blower upgrade. As far as results I can say that I purchased my first...
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    CRB info and advice needed

    I have carried both on the truck for years, I do like the versatility of a 175 and it is a very powerful method of agitation and on commercial glue down there is nothing that can beat it. In my opinion for day in and day out residential cleaning I perfer a crb for a few reasons. One is that the...
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    CRB info and advice needed

    I can tell you from experience that using a CRB makes all the difference in the world. I use a Brushpro 17. There is no comparison in the amount of agitation you get vs just using a groomer. A lot of times the customer believes that I have already cleaned the carpet and all I have done is...