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    Any remediation co & blower fan recommendations for the Houston TX area

    I would recommend contacting a remediation company to handle your project. for local companies im not sure what local companies in Huston that are not large companies so i googled houston water damage and long list came up servipro rytech puroclean are larger companies where I’m from. if you...
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    What is this Dehu and air mover worth?

    hello Jrod i use to work for water damage company had a lot of these units. And those axial fans. Hated it super heavy to move around and to bulky to load up for transport or storage at the risk of sounding like a smart ass…. Google is your friend. but really I think NEW units go probably 3k...
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    quick question

    hello everybody hank you for having me here. Im abraham, new on TMF but been in WTR industry for some time now. looking for help, if someone can shed some light on the this. Im looking for more info on Xactimate equipment list/ line item. Im looking to buy some water damage equipment and Im...