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  • Hi Sir, how is your Amtex machine going? I am looking to get a entry Tm Prowel 14hp as it suit my budget, what do you think?
    My Amtex has been everything I was hoping for and more. Ths Prowler seems like a great smaller machine. If you use Facebook chexk out the Amtex page.
    Kleaners Supply and Service
    IICRC Water Damage and Restoration Class WRT
    November 7th-9th 2014, 8:30 start time Friday-Sunday
    Kleaners Supply and Service Facility
    10600 Maumelle Boulevard, North little Rock, AR 72118 (501)765-5492
    Price for the Class is $350.00 Each Person, seating is limited,
    Lunch Will be provided all three days.
    Contact Will at 501-765-5492 to sign up for the class and any other questions.
    Hi, I think we met at the show in Dallas, am I correct?
    I see you're a moderator, quick question: is there a way to edit a post after it's been posted?
    Hey I am new to this site and I read that you currently do a movie theater. I have been in business for over 20 years and I want to branch out into movie theater market but I am having a lot of trouble getting to the right person. I live in Birmingham, Alabama and I was hoping you could let me know how you were able to get that contract or give me some pointers on how to get to the right person
    The classified button isn't working for me? I wanted to list a Judson TNT. I get an error message about deleting cookies. Can you help me? Thanks
    Sorry to keep bugging you, but my blog still doesn't work. Been about 3 weeks now and surely someone can figure it out. Am I the only one? Would really appreciate some help. Thank you. Vic
    You going too Connections this year? I would love to go but need to get a passport and more cash! Hopefully next year! The wife and I are saving up for Hawaii winter after next and going with my brother and his wife but would love to go too Vegas next summer!
    ? maybe you can help. i have prochem blazer that won't start .i have a full tank of gas and oil level is fine. All do is thump won't turn over. Checked the battery it was good. Need help
    It has been two months since I have had business, but that is just growing pains. I think I have been charging to much and running people away. I'm getting people to look at my website, but no one is calling. Lowered the price where I can still make a profit. Hope it works. Thanks for writing.
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