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  1. tarasmith
    Floor sanding Melbourne is an important component of home decoration. And in phrases of selecting right floor desire on your dwelling space.
  2. Greg Schopp
    Greg Schopp TMF Rob Allen
    Rob, I just watched your repost "How to clean stairs-Carpet Cleaning How to Video by Rob Allen of Truckmountforums " from 5-years ago thank you!
    My question, has anyone come up with a "bullnose vacuum tool" to use on 90 degree (or less) angles? It would be used on upholster as well.
  3. Chuck Shew
    Chuck Shew rob allen
    Rob, I posted my Amtex unit for sale and Johnny Bravo has trashed the whole thread! Why is he even allowed to post on your forum? Can you either remove my post or leave my post and remove all comments?
  4. Adam Valencia
    Adam Valencia rob allen
    Hey Rob. About the Secret Formula. Will this product keep in the hydro force sprayer to be used again. May be a dumb question but I know that some products do not keep. About to make a purchase after hearing all the great reviews. Thanks again.
  5. raw74
    raw74 the rugman
    how do you change your schema in wordpress? My site saying organization as well
    1. the rugman
      the rugman
      Depends on how it was originally put in. What SEO plugin do you use? I use a plugin the I have developers rites too but most SEO plugins should have it. It can be hand coded as well.
      Nov 13, 2017
  6. Adrian1254
    Adrian1254 jtsunbrite
    How to remove grout haze without acid ON NEWLY LAID PORCELAIN FLOOR ?
  7. MagiCleanMaid
    Clean Communities!
  8. Grn Steamer
    Grn Steamer the rugman
    Interested in hearing more about your review process. Thanks, Matt
    1. the rugman
      the rugman
      Just PM'd you
      Nov 11, 2017
  9. Chase Reynolds
    Chase Reynolds aloha one
    Hello there I read a post where your legend kept bogging down and several forum members provided you with sound advice. Have you got the problem sorted out or are you still sorting it out? If you have sorted it out please tell me what you did to remedy the problem(s). I have a Prochem Apex that keeps bogging down under load
  10. calmin
    I was wondering if anyone is using ford transit with truck mounted equipment, if so with or with out eco boost?
  11. Alakey
  12. C Moore
    C Moore EverKleen
    Hi my name is Carl and I am just trying to learn about carpet cleaning just looking for a little help ,
  13. The Carpet Cleaning Pro
    The Carpet Cleaning Pro rob allen
    Hi Rob.

    Can you ship your chemicals to the UK. I am seriously interested in purchasing some of them as you seem to take the time and effort into putting the correct ingredients together creating the correct chemistry. I look forward to hearing from you. How about suppliers here in the UK..... Do you have any yet? I would be interested in becoming a supplier of your products.
  14. Gregg Sargent
    Gregg Sargent
  15. Soni Bharti
    Soni Bharti
    SEO Expert Analyst
  16. carpet cleaning solutions llc
    carpet cleaning solutions llc
    Invented chemical to change world 1 chemical instead of many
  17. chandandubey1
    Chandan Dubey - Looking to Hire PHP Android Website and Apps Freelance Developer in Delhi India. Contact me: +91-9038655955
  18. The Carpet Cleaning Pro
    The Carpet Cleaning Pro Todd the Cleaner
    Hi Todd. How are you? I wonered if i could pick your brains. My chemspec truckmount runs great when set to 180. When on 240 the water temp drops. It dumps water. Is the problem the nason switch that needs replacing?
  19. Fredh2179
    Delete my Account
  20. Fredh2179
    fudge TMF Delete
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