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  1. Prestige1
    Prestige1 rob allen
    I'm interested in one of the 45 blowers you have as well as a case of Tile Master. Whats cost for the 45? Can we arrange shipping together to Canada
  2. Ken Kaplan
    Ken Kaplan Jim Davisson
    Doc Jim has really come through for us here in the AtL with some sound advice regarding 4 to the door and also some bonus hairsplitting tips and pics too boot!
  3. Dez
    looking for a short section of vacuum hose maybe 10-15 feet- also an SX-12 for sale for tile and grout. Can anyone help?
  4. Adrian1254
  5. Adrian1254
    Adrian1254 Dougie "fresh-clean"
    hi dougie, would you buy another rage again if you needed another tm looking to buy one myself does it deliver enough heat to run a 360 I
  6. Bret
    Does anyone know of a good website to visit to study up on IICRC stuff?
  7. Dupont Circle Carpet Cleaning
    Dupont Circle Carpet Cleaning Fedri
    Thank you for the rating!
    1. Fedri likes this.
  8. Sharpie
  9. Gregg Sargent
    Gregg Sargent
    Creating Profit Pumping Training For Water Damage Industry
  10. sbsscn
    sbsscn rob allen
    Hi Rob,

    Do you guys take paypal?
  11. dave40
    dave40 admin
    did you fix shipping possible to canada
  12. Hardrock
    3800hrs but l some new parts with chevy 3500 van for $3000
  13. Hardrock
    Getting a used prochem legend tomorrow did a demo seems fine. doesnt have se on it just prochem legend. guess its pretty old but runs well
  14. Hardrock
    hey finally got a starter tm!!!
  15. Floridaboy843
    Feeling alive
  16. Floridaboy843
  17. Andrew99
    Andrew99 Scott W
    Hi Scott. You seem to have the experience. I have only been in the game for a year after been forced in early retirement when my employer went under. I am using a 165 single disk for encap, and have been thinking about upgrading to an CRB. From what you said previously you seem to like the CRB. Any suggestions on the make/model and encap to use.
  18. Bret
    Got in a fight with my coworker, since he has emphysema he thinks he can do bare minimum and get away with it. I told him otherwise.
  19. Bret
    I have enrolled in a IICRC certification class on october 23rd and 24th. Please wish me luck. Thanks
  20. Patchman
    Patchman rob allen
    Hi Rob,

    I am looking for glides for the 13.5 Prochem titanium wands. I have 13.

    Please contact me with your recommendations

    Thank you!

    Doug Patch
    414 350 7589
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