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  1. Dedicated
    2007 Chevy 3500 extended with Cleanco 56 for sale.
  2. ron Tabb
    ron Tabb
    Anyone interested in a 1999 pro 1200 white magic my reg user 127,000 miles just picked up a newer one and dont think I need 2
  3. ron Tabb
    ron Tabb Kyle8
    Hi Kyle
    How do you post stuff
  4. MrCleanBoss
    Hello, I am in the infancy of starting a carpet cleaning business. Any and all help is welcomed. 7/22/2017
  5. lg2121
    lg2121 rob allen
    Hi Rob
    Just wondering when i will get my black light its been almost 4 weeks.
    Larry Garrison
  6. Predict
    Predict rob allen
    Hi Rob, Id like to order a sample of grout-master. My email is Any samples would be appreciated. I'm only one year into this business and only have tried pro-chem, and I'd like to try new chems but they are pricey!
  7. OCGoodGuys
    OCGoodGuys SuperWes
    Hey Wes, I saw your video on FB ad campaign. I wanted to get some more info on what you're offering - see if we're a good fit. My email is My website is Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. TiffanyJo
    For sale: Used SS 870, with tools, hoses, wands included, in 8'x16' enclosed trailer for $24000 OBO (brand new valued at $38200)
  9. AbsoluteCarpetCare
    Today was a light day , Only one job , Smoke remediation with Cherry UnSmoke and a Thermal Fogger.
  10. Hallsy86
    Hallsy86 Kyle8
    I saw you use a Chemtex truckmount. How do you like it? Has it been reliable for you?
    I'm from St. George and saw one for sale in Provo that I'm thinking of looking at. It would be my first truckmount.
  11. AZfloorguy
    Hello all. I'm a floor installer breaking into the cleaning biz. I've installed and repaired most materials out there.
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  12. TiffanyJo
    For sale: Sapphire Scientific 870 with 1050 hours, all the hoses and tools included, housed in a 8' x 16' trailer. $24000 OBO
  13. SAA
    SAA Scott W
    Hi Scott,

    Hope all is well. Could you send me your email address? I am not sure if I have the correct one or not.

  14. allklean
    It is not Clean, unless you call Allklean!
  15. Bolos
    Bolos matt7
    HI Matt.
    quick question, what chem are you using for your encap? im planning to buy an Oreck orbiter ORB550MC and would like to use it for encap as well. Thanks
  16. UsaHomeDamage
  17. Bolos
    Bolos John LaBarbera
    hi John , new member here. Im planning to buy the LTD3 . where is the nearest distributor. Im in Servierville TN. But i have a few questions. Hewn is the best time to call you ?
  18. Bolos
    Bolos 50 carpet cleaner
    My goal is get some houses but I'd like to offer my services to some restaurants or hotels, do you think the mytee is big enough to work on CGD or small commercials?

    was thinking to start with it and later IF possible do encap. Maybe mix HWE with encap . Do you think is possible?

    Sorry for bombarding you with all my concerns but if you have a minute I'll appreciate you input

    Thank you very much .
  19. Bolos
    Bolos 50 carpet cleaner
    Hi !!

    I'm new in carpet cleaning and I planning to buy the mytee LTD3 .( no experience yet in carpet cleaning) Ive reading a lot and seems good to me this machine and most important is within my budget.

    What I like about the ltd3 is the heat but many preferred to use an external or even hot tap water for fear of blowing circuits? has this happened to you?
    1. 50 carpet cleaner
      50 carpet cleaner
      I used a portable for years, but have upgraded to a Truck mount and I can tell you the difference is amazing! I understand your not in position to get a truck mount yet but as soon as you are able to, get one!
      Jul 16, 2017
    2. 50 carpet cleaner
      50 carpet cleaner
      The Mytee was pretty good to me except you will have issues with the pump, I had to replace mine 3 times within a few years. I had mine set up in my van with a 10k watt generator (no blowing breakers) and a booster at the door which worked well, and a garden hose hooked up to the hot water in the sink
      Jul 16, 2017
  20. Bolos
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