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  1. johnsmith7935
    Tile and Grout Cleaning Atlanta – the best restoration company in Atlanta, clean, seal and polish the floor and walls at the next level.
  2. Sandra
    Sandra Jason Miller
    hi Jason, I am new to this forum, however I have read some of your recommendations for Bonesaw. I am having a big issues when stripping the floors, they still have the yellow dark spot and even after two times hard work and no upgrades the floors were never cleaned up and the wax is old dark have a yellow color in some spot,
  3. cocalico cleaning service
    cocalico cleaning service Deron06
    Still have the air hog for sale?
    1. Deron06
      I have it
      Apr 23, 2017 at 9:52 AM
  4. Mr. Esteamy
    Mr. Esteamy Scott W
    HI Scott , My names Brian and ive noticed you help facilitate hands on area rug cleaning classes. If you have any information on upcoming classes i would love to hear about it.

    1. Scott W
      Scott W
      This only allows for short messages. Go to conversations or email for longer response. I will send conversation link.
      Apr 21, 2017 at 4:24 PM
  5. GCC
    Hi There,
    I was doing some research on here for some new ideas on a new flyer that I want to mail out through EDDM.

    I saw your pink flyer thread and I wasn't able to download it.

    How did that one perform for you?

    Any flyers that you are having success with through direct mail or eddm?

    1. LFC
      There's a new version of the EDDM by Joe Polish. I say new it's about 18 months old. I've not tried it, but it has had some good me and I'll send you the file.
      Apr 23, 2017 at 6:09 AM
  6. Gonzalo's Carpet Cleaning
  7. Gonzalo's Carpet Cleaning
    Gonzalo's Carpet Cleaning
    Your carpets need refresh? Visit Gonzalo's Carpet Cleaning Balham carpet and upholstery cleaning company that you will find in your area
  8. Reshef Harpaz
    Reshef Harpaz
    Cleaning is the main component key of the family health sp always us organic rug cleaners Natural Products to protect your family from germs
  9. Kevin Padgett
    Kevin Padgett
    Looking to sell a 2014 Van with carpet cleaning equipment already mounted in it! Selling in NC!
  10. Chase Dumphord
    Chase Dumphord
    In the planing stage of carpet and tile cleaning business all help is welcome
  11. Noahmail
    Noahmail rob allen
    Hello Rob, question- can I edit my age off of my profile? I don't think it needs to be public but not a big deal- also- how can I post a public question for suggestions?
    Thanks a lot
  12. Noahmail
    Anyone know how I post a question? Is a cleanco compact 47 with 4500 hours in a 2003 Ford with 112k miles worth $16k if maintained well?
  13. AnjonDatto40
    I am specialist in SEO, C++, HTML, CSS, Java Script.
  14. evercleanpro
    house cleaning service coimbatore
    SWAGMAN EverKleen
    Hi I'm in Australia can I ask what state are inn
  16. Vatosec
    Hello TMF members,I need your guys help to buy the right portable extractor for tile and grout cleaning. I appreciate the help and advice!
  17. Mr.Steamer
    Mr.Steamer rob allen
    So I am brand new to TMF, how to I create a posting on here to get some answers to questions? Thanks for the help...I'm not a very tech savvy guy.
  18. The Red Carpet
    The Red Carpet
    The Red Carpet - Exclusive Carpet Cleaning Offers in London
  19. Jerry Thomson
    Jerry Thomson Six Figure Solo Cleaner
    How can I get organic ranking of any website?
  20. SavvyTaskers
    SavvyTaskers Todd the Cleaner is your one stop shop for Home and Office cleaning, Moving help, Heavy Lifting, Furniture Assembly, Handyman Services, Grocery Shopping etc. Book A Savvy Tasker Today and experience Professionalism at its best.
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