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  1. speedy
    speedy allinthesteam
    I have a hypro Pentair pump Powerline Plus, 2345B-P. Used ten hours on a steamaction machine. Paid $445 for it and will sell for $225. Let me know if interested.
  2. Justin F
    Justin F aloha one
    White shark grout brush is our #1 seller already, awesome brushes my friend.
  3. Mrs.SpeedySteamer
    Mrs.SpeedySteamer aloha one
    Where did your icon go??? I liked seeing your brush, made easy to find your post... Now you just have the generic avatar... Booo
  4. Clean Master Sydney
    Clean Master Sydney
    We are your local Upholstery cleaning company covering Sydney & near areas. Same Day Sofa Cleaning Services in Sydney.
  5. Robert1958
    Robert1958 Baxter
    I purchased an Optimizer. It has 2 6.6's in series, and a 1 1/2" to 2" hose barb. Do you know if the vacs can be converted over to parallel?
  6. cleansurfacepros
    cleansurfacepros admin
    How do I post to the forum? I have a cimex and entire portable cleaning setup from The Masters Touch to sell and would like to get it listed. I should have lifetime membership, but it says I don't have enough privilege to post.
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    1. admin
      Checking now
      Mar 13, 2017
  7. cleansurfacepros
    cleansurfacepros Jason Whaley
    Jason, how do I post to the classifieds? I want to list a cimex machine and possibly my entire portable cleaning equipment. I can't even find Tre Allen to request as it says in the read before post area. It says I don't have enough privileges to post.
  8. Isaac
    Know your craft and you have an edge over competitor! I'm open minded to sharing ideas with fellow business owners in whats working for me.
  9. Vlad
    Vlad rob allen
    Hey Rob is the TMF 5 day training class still being offered. If so, is it suitable for rookies who have never done carpet cleaning before and what are the dates this year?
    1. rob allen
      rob allen
      Yes Vlad we are still offering it and its even better than ever now. And yes, it will teach you everything you ever wanted to know and more!
      Mar 9, 2017
  10. GFY
    Actively booking jobs!
  11. Brian Wilson
    Brian Wilson Common janitor
    Did you ever do floor burnishing?
    1. Common janitor
      Common janitor
      Lots !! Miles of sheet vinyl , VCT work Brian , terrazzo as well .
      Mar 6, 2017
  12. Carpet Tech P
    Carpet Tech P
    Quality, Convenience, Value, Service. Goals every Technician should have.
  13. Shannon D.
    Shannon D.
    Needing some1 2 contact me Been trying to get ahold of Rob Allen My hubby Robb Dubisz passed away unexpectedly He was an active member here
    1. Shannon D.
      Shannon D.
      Not sure how to use this forum. RobbDNY. I was left with his TM and Van. Please needing help and info. Also wanted to let you guys know he unexpectedly passed away 2/3/17. If someone could help me out with information on these items. Thank you
      Mar 4, 2017
  14. iamsm398
    iamsm398 Davep
  15. fittlebug
    Educating People about Time
    Get a FREE listing for your carpet cleaning biz! Must be IICRC certified. Visit Alan's Best Carpet Cleaning directory.
  17. iamsm398
    iamsm398 Rob Lyon
  18. afnan333yg
  19. afnan77YG
  20. Soho Rug Cleaning
    Soho Rug Cleaning