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  1. howellsgs
    Howells Carpet Cleaning | Portland's Luxury Carpet Cleaning Experience
  2. momof2
    Me and my hubby reading the forums to learn as much as we can. :)
  3. iamsm398
    iamsm398 Nick N
  4. Africa Our Turn Will Come
    Africa Our Turn Will Come
    correction. I have a 'new to me' 4.8 CDS in robust condition and wondering if its wise to have some guy operate it for me.
  5. Africa Our Turn Will Come
    Africa Our Turn Will Come
    I had naively posted under my family name: I basically was wondering what I should do with my tm as I have still have a reg job.
  6. Africa Our Turn Will Come
    Africa Our Turn Will Come
    I am new here. I have no issues, hang ups etc: Respect, Professionalism, and honour. Absolutely no nonsense. Life is too short.
  7. michele
    im interested in the zipper please email "
  8. Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson rob allen
    Hey Rob ! what happen to classifieds - classifieds can make a big difference when getting started in this business my nephew bought his first truck for 6500 dollars and two years later he quit his other job at the lumber yard and had his first great season. What a great feeling to tell your old boss to take a hike..any one ever experience this..
  9. Felicia & Eric
    Felicia & Eric
    We offer deep cleanings, move-ins, move-outs Good and plenty cleaning
  10. Felicia & Eric
  11. Superduperclean
  12. Ricks baneclean
    Ricks baneclean
    whats your ideas on the buss card holders for your vans do you like them ?Do they work? If so whats the beast ones for the price
  13. dg222
    dg222 brianedwards25
    tnycstlino, did you sell your TM
  14. Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson rob allen
    what happen to classifieds
  15. iamsm398
    iamsm398 vivid
  16. Fast -dry carpet clean
    Fast -dry carpet clean
    Looking for a nissan water pump for a 1997 prochem performer
  17. Grn Steamer
    Grn Steamer ACP
    How's the relia-built holding up?
  18. aloha one
    aloha one
    Scrub a Dub Dub...
  19. Predict
    Predict Johnny Bravo
    Hey Johnny. I was told you are great at posting ads in Craigslist. I was wondering if I could shoot you some questions?
    1. Johnny Bravo
      Johnny Bravo
      I was good at it a few years back/ But no so much these days. CL changed a lot of stuff over the years and I didn't keep up with the changes and how to play the game. So any info I'd have is outdated now.
      Jan 29, 2017
  20. DanceStudio607
    DanceStudio607 EverythingFlooring
    Hello, I was searching for information on installing CVT tiles upside down and saw your comments.While I haven't had CVT installed upside down yet I bought CVT at an auction for the hallways of my new dance studio. I prefer the bottom of the tiles and trying to determine whether or not they will withstand. Beyond needing to be waxed would they be fine? OR would they likely break/lift?