No acid when you are dealing with a pigment that could be used as a dye
no lemon, no vinegar

Mustard is a pain in the butt because of the low ph.

Curry is a blend of condiments, oils, herbs and powders.
One product may not solve the issue, it has to be done in stages.

1. what fiber
2. was it hot or cold when spilled
3. what was the stain made from?
4. How long ago did the stain occur?
5. which is important do you have any training? do you understand chemistry? do you even know what the hell im talking about?!?!

How much furniture do you move?

Suppose you're doing a deep clean or moving out cleaning.
If you are doing a "deep Cleaning" or move out, remember you are CLEANING not moving.

deep cleaning in this field/industry should only refer to the soil condition and level of labor/time involved in removing the soil or contamination.

Moving items around should be done as a courtesy not obligation or part of the service unless you agree to slave yourself with moving everything out of the way or agree to do it free of obligation.

If the person is related to you or your lover/spouse or family, yeah I would never charge. But as for business, NOPE

an example is this

you take you van to your distributor, they do a light service a minor service, oil and filter change,
that's it right? you don't or can expect to get your van washed included in that service would you?

or how about this, you have a van full of junk, tools, crap what ever blocking the areas of service,
would you completely understand if the service tech says, hey could you move the stuff out of the way or ill have to charge extra just so that i can do the service?

every one needs to stop with the deep cleaning lie.

every one should always "deep clean"
what is classified as "deep cleaned"?
for the majority of the lazy, unprofessional scumbag it mostly means
pre vacuum, use the correct chemistry, use the correct mixed chemistry, agitate, and rinse multiple times,
and if they feel pretty use a rotovac or other extractor cleaning tool accessory.

thats it!

a professional certified, or well trained or just self conscious person would do the correct thing

do the job correctly!

What piece of advice would you give to wannabe’s & newbies?

The newbies will become an extinct species soon. As you know, many gigs pay enough to get their beak wet without getting muscles involved, and carpet cleaning is just that. I'm not saying carpet cleaning doesn't require any thought process; advertising, marketing, and planning have a big say, but in the digital era, everything is upside down. We might have been working on our organic SEO and getting by without paying thousands. Still, nowadays, I see companies being in business for barely two years and having over 1000 reviews. I wonder how they got them. For all I know, carpet cleaning will be done remotely soon.
With state-of-the-art equipment being a norm, clients demand better results, but we come daily to the same neglected surfaces that we remember 10 or 20 years ago, so nothing changed in that regard.
Any more questions?
I can answer the 1000 review question

I hate to say it but there are a bunch of liars. and companies who will lie for you for the right money.

I get offers all of the time, " and so, I can get you positive reviews on yelp and google"

thats really it

FB Does anyone else move furniture (within reason) for free? A lot of these videos that are posted on

Hey there! I haven't seen those videos you mentioned, but I'm always up for a good DIY project. BTW, if you happen to be in the borough of Lambeth, hit me up! I live in the area and would be happy to lend a hand. Moving can be such a hassle, but with a little help from friends, it doesn't have to be.
And I wish you good luck!