Help with cleaning couch? Suede or micro?

Thank you very much sbsscn, I appreciate your response. I’m new to the business and have not had much experience with upholstery yet. I did the job Thursday and the customer was happy, I did do a test spot for the customer to see before proceeding. Just trying to learn what I can and hopefully grow my knowledge as well as business.

To loud.

Im surprised no one has done this but....
Try using with (caution) sound deadening material such as the material used in auto sound interior sound control Stuff works!!!!

Dynamat Extreme

I am shocked that no one uses this stuff to control sound on TM's

they hava a self adhering version and a matt version
use both if you want but the self stick works wonders!

keep away from direct heat source. DO NOT BURN YOUR VAN!

Help with cleaning couch? Suede or micro?

Now days everything is expensive and even cotton microfiber or nylon is up there.
Even cheap costo sofas are expensive so its hard to label whats cheap now days based on cost.
In my opinion and experience a customer will say it cost so much and its from pottery barn, room & board or Ashley, macy, jc penny it doesnt matter who you bought it from the tag is 80% inaccurate.
Test the fiber. thats the only way .
Even if it was re upholstered, Ive had folks tell me that its a "good" fabric, it was expensive to re cover.

Nope, many I repeat many times ive encountered Sissal, Rayon and it was expensive. expensive isnt good quality.
Even upholstery shops dont know about textiles. I sure wish they would take a class.

Help with cleaning couch? Suede or micro?

By looking at the photo, You already answered what the fabric is. It is microfiber/Micro suede/ imitation suede.

Whats more important is what FIBER its made from. That no matter how good you are cannot tell just by looking at it on a photo. You must do FIBER ID Test.

take a small sample from a inconspicuous spot, and area where the face of the fabric will not be effected.

look on the back, is 100 % woven? with backing? Latex?
separate the backing and burn the main sample.

Hows it burn?
the color?
deposit color?
type of residue?

The Wonder Wand....

I have never use the wonder wand, ill admit ive been curious but honestly I just do not get into getting specialty (exotic) wands like that one. I even consider a swivel wand to be exotic. if it works for you and can find a good or reasonable deal then go for it but when it come to exotic wands if I want one then Ill try to buy one at a very low price that way there are no tears of regrets in spending so much money. Been there and done that , no thank you!

The wands or tools that I buy are most duplicates because I believe they are confortable and deliver the performance. So far everyone in my crew feels the same and do not make requests for me to purchase new style/exotic type least yet

What's a good wand for SS370?

tmf is not a bad wand.

You do not need a particular wand for that machine. I have one too (carbon fiber version)

You can use a regular 2 jet 1 1/2 ss wand without breaking the bank.
I have had many wands not TMF but enough to say that its really all in preference and comfort.

I personally do not like swivels even though Ive tried it I just cannot seem to enjoy the use, in other words its just not comfortable to me, thats not to say it wont be comfortable for someone else, just not me.

I current have on the truck 3 wands, a rotary (360i), 1 1/2 us products (now hydramaster) aluminum/plastic 2 jet), and a Bonzer. Each has its place for every situation. I have some more wands in my shop I just cant find a way to get rid of them so ill hold on to them and wait for the right person to pass them down (give away) .

For me I just cant stand a 2" wand. it gives me hand cramps. But I ironically enjoy and prefer my 2 jet ss 2" stair tool over the 1 1/2 one.