flexible tiles

Looked at a tile floor yesterday. tested a small area on the grout cleaned up fine but there is a area where rug laid that has stained the tile I thought it was ceamic but lady told me that the tile is flexible never seen that before. Any chance to remove tried groutmaster on small spot but did nothing. I"m guessing rug off gassed with the sun shining down on that area and its permament. Sorry no pictures she told me about the tile after i left and she found old one in the basement.

Cross American Corporation

Thank you to the both of you above who commented. Both you were always terrific models of true Professionals in this industry!

Yes, Cross-American was sold last October 2020 to a very good European company and director who has always done a proven and successful distribution performance for us over the past 21 years. Since then, however, I have personally heard from near 40-50 of our past customers who along the way had become great sincere friends.

Thanks once again for remembering someone such as myself, as a few other perhaps, because the history in our industry is being lost year after year not being past on.

You two individuals also deserve recognition for "helping others on this board" too.

Merry Christmas;
Ed Valentine

Issue - Wax Floor

I don't think there is a work around. However I know a guy who is an expert at strip & wax. Here is his cell. Tell him I gave you his number...Jaime Fabara 203-515-6869. Post back what he says please.
Hey Rob appreciate the info. I spoke to Jaime, and he told me to burnish the floor and reapply another coat of wax. That it should do the job.