Waste water?

We received a letter from our city wastewater treatment plant in regards to carpet cleaning businesses what type of machine do you use what type of chemicals do you where do you dump your water how do you dump your water so on and so on.

This often bugs me in regards to a money grab because so many people wash their own vehicles in their driveways so many people clean their decks with deck stripper, bleach, etc so many people do home washing using chemicals that are bad but they can't track them down. They certainly want to track down a carpet cleaning business.

What do you guys do?

Full 2017 Promaster/TM Equipment Package with Clients, Van Warranty (Denver, CO)

START OR EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS: *$49,995 Complete Package*

2017 FWD Ram Promaster 1500 (99,XXX miles) with Prochem Legend (the TM only has 7 hours on it since it was fully reconditioned). I thought I was going to get more into HWE but I decide keep the business focused on VLM carpet cleaning. I am also including a transferrable extended warranty for the van, specifically, that will be good through 05/16/2026 or 141,155 miles which ever comes first. Nobody else will give you a warranty with the van that they are selling.

Located in Denver, CO. Complete equipment package with all HWE accessories you need to start a business. Plus, I will give the buyer my client list which is just over 1100 clients to do with as they wish. **LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY** I AM SELLING THE VAN, TM, ALL HWE COMPONENTS/ACCESSORIES, AND WILL INCLUDE (2) TM-4 CRBs WITH THIS COMPLETE PACKAGE.

The Van and Prochem Legend come with the following items:
-250' 2" vacuum hose *USED 3 TIMES*
-250' Solution Line *USED 3 TIMES*
-100' Garden Hose *USED 3 TIMES*
-100 Gal Hydrawell fresh tank *USED 3 TIMES*
-Prochem waste tank
-$250 Starter set of chemicals
-WestPak 2 jet wand *USED 3 TIMES*
-Gecko Tile wand *BRAND NEW- NEVER USED*
-Stair Wand- BRAND NEW -Upholstery tool *USED 1 TIME*
-Hydro-Force Inline Sprayer *BRAND NEW- NEVER USED*
-TM4 CRB with Blue and Brown Brushes
-Seal-A-Door (Blue) *BRAND NEW
-ALSO INCLUDED : 2022 Steamin Demon High-Flow portable extractor (Used 5 times) -
-2022 Challenger Op Machine with lots of Pads and Bonnets (Used daily)

The buyer will literally receive EVERYTHING that I have accumulated for carpet cleaning over the past three years. EVERYTHING!! The unit has been fully winterized as I do not use it. In addition, I purchased the TM in June and have only put about 7 hours on it since I bought it. I just don't use it as I just closed my business. I am moving in another direction for business and no longer need any of this equipment. This TM was installed on June 29, 2022 at Aramsco in Las Vegas.

$49,995 Complete Package ***PLEASE CALL OR TEXT (720) 325-3440 WITH QUESTIONS. THANK YOU***



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Selling 45-Year-Old Company in Orange County California

Originally founded in 1978, this family-run business has accumulated very devoted high-end clients over the many years we’ve been in business. A carpet cleaner dedicated to quality and deep client relationships will fit right at home with this company. In 2008 we had 4 technicians, but as time passed and due to the recession at that time, we are now just owner-operators. However, clients have had employees in their homes before and will easily adjust to new technicians whether you clean yourself or hire employees. A majority, probably 90% to 95%, of our jobs are repeat clients. With our current clients, we still have physical copies of most, if not all, of their invoices dating back to the founding of this company if we've been serving them that long. Some of our biggest clients have upwards of 78 invoices and more because we've been cleaning their homes every 6 months. We have about 37 Commercial Clients. 4 of those are property managers. A detailed breakdown of clients served in the last year(s) can be provided upon request.

Sale to include: Company Name, Business Phone Number, Client Databases, Client Paper Invoices, Website Address, Company Reference (Operations, Marketing, Administration) Manual. Plus (if desired) Powermatic and assorted tools and equipment with a 2002 Ford E250.

Please contact for further details and pricing
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Prochem Legend/Bridgepoint Saber Van Included $5500

I purchased this in 2009. Since then we have replaced the Vanguard 18 hp engine with a brand-new one about two years ago. Since then 2894 hours on the unit.

Van is a Ford E250 with 140,800 Miles newer tires and a new transmission 2 years ago. Asking for $5500.00 845-651-3413. There is some body rust. All runs well. There is a check engine light that has
been that way for years now.

Located in Florida, NY about one hour from NYC


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Specials FS: Briggs & Stratton Evolution 3 jet wash

Offered for sale is this Briggs & Stratton Evolution 3 jet wash! This Industrial Jet Wash Equipment is in superb condition.

The B&S V-Twin 18Hp petrol engine and 1450 Rpm gearbox drive ensure reliable performance, while the electric start with battery makes starting up a breeze.

With a powerful 200 Bar - 2900 psi output and an Interpump 66 series pump, this machine is capable of tackling even the toughest cleaning tasks.

This jet wash has been kept in pristine condition, always stored inside the van. It looks and runs like new due to the light use it has had since owning. ready to take on any cleaning job you throw at it.

The flow sensitive unloader valve and heavy-duty trolley with 13" wheels make this jet wash easy to maneuver and control. It also comes with a heavy-duty single lance and 10m high pressure hose, with an additional 50m of extra hose included.

Below is a few items listed that are in the photo:

1000l baffled water tank, with stop cock value and hose lock inlet to fill while on the job.
Whirlaway 20” Flat Surface Cleaner (275 Bar Maximum pressure 30LPM maximum flow) comes with full tube of grease
WFP FaceLift PHANTOM HYBRID 25” wash pole (horse hair brush and window squeegee conversion attachment included)
Telescopic wash lance 24 ft
skyVac® Mighty Atom, 6 pole (carbon fibre, with carbon fibre goose neck) clamp version comes with SkyScraper head featuring 11 shaped blades and Camera inspection system
Makita 4 stroke petrol leaf blower

Asking USD$4,500.00

This equipment is ready to be put to work straight away and earn money with the cleaning season now warming up now is the time to take this bargain offer.

If you are keen, do send me a PM or contact me via email
equipments at protonmail dot com

Thanks for looking...!!!!


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Someone might need this: A Pitney Bowes w360 Production tabber

For your consideration is a Pitney Bowes w360 Production tabber in excellently working condition and ready to be used for work immediately.

The W360 Multifunction Tabber system has some of the most advanced features for a tabletop model and it has the capability to meet all the latest USPS regulations in order to benefit from automated postal discounts.

The dual head tabber provides several tabbing applications along with stamp affixing all in one simple step. It's great for tabbing newsletters, double postcards, letter size booklets, tri-fold brochures and other open ended self-mailers.

Bowes Friction Feeder Model W36F & Variable Speed Delivery Conveyor included

More about the tabber:

Applies triple, double or single tabs

Handles wide range of documents and promotional materials-flyers, newsletters, and booklets

Can apply up to 3 USPS postage stamps on a self-mailer

Applies tabs to the top and side of a mail piece simultaneously and on opposite side

Applies round tabs from 3/4" to 1 1/2"

Handles a variety of paper stocks - coated, newsletter, recycled, card

Digital LCD control panel has the ability to program and save up to four jobs

Applies clear, translucent and paper tabs

Processes media from 5" W x 3 ½" L to 11" W x 15 L", up to 1/4" thick.

This machine can hold 2 rolls of tabs and can tab on both ends of a booklet in the same pass. It can also apply stamps from a roll.This tabber will do your double tabbing jobs in 1 pass. It can even do booklets with 2 tabs on one end and 1 tab on the other end all in 1 pass. This is a very versatile machine that will save you time and money.

Technical Specifications

Production Rate:
Single Tab: Up to 25,000 pieces/hr.
Double Tab: Up to 15,000 pieces/hr.
Triple Tab: Up to 10,000 pieces/hr.

Minimum: 5" W x 3.5" L
Maximum: 11" W x 15" L
Minimum: 20# single sheet
Maximum: 1/4"
Stock: Coated, bond, recycled, card

Tabs (single, double, triple), labels, stamps, customized stickers, scratch-offs, clear, translucent, paper, unperfed, vertical perfed.
Roll Size:
Up to 10" diameter mounted on a 3" core
Apply up to 3 USPS postage stamps in a single pass
Tab Size:
Minimum: 3/4"; Maximum: 1 1/2"

Accuracy: +/- 1/8" repeatability

Dimensions: 28"W x 26"H x 34"L
Weight: 97 lbs. (Feeder/Tabber)
Power: 115VAC, 50/60 Hz

It is complete and all of the belts and rollers are in great condition. It works very well.

looking price at USD$10,750.00 for the tabber

If you are keen do send me a PM or email for faster response
equipments at protonmail at gmail dot com

Thanks for looking..!!!


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Waste tank

100 gal Stainless steel waste tank. It was fabricated for a 2009 prochem apex. It’s identical to the aluminum tank that comes with the machine. Never used. You Can modify if needed. Bought a new setup and can not use it. Cost $5000 materials and fabrication. Asking $4500.
Aluminum waste tanks are the same or probably more. Will take pics Any questions ask. In NY Ulster county
Don’t want to ship its around 250-300lbs. Thanks

Mini station power Cleaning cfr

Hey there! Its about time I finally participate in a forum with like mined individuals.

Been cleaning carpets since 2014 in the Pikes Peak Region in Colorado. Have used truck mounts and Portables of every kind, or so I thought.

Tell me about this portable unit please! My bossman picked it up and we haven't been all that successful figuring it out.

1. Who the heck makes these? Cannot find any information about who's manufacturer

. Anyone have a manual?

2. Where's the water supply? I don't see how or where a fresh water tank could be in the unit nor any way for a continuous water source be plugged in.

It's weird because it's such a small equipment unit so locating that shouldn't be hard.. but yeah

Has excellent vacuum though! That aspect of the machine works, therefore at least it can be a great extraction unit for water loss work.

I'm very interested in portables as my opinion shifted positively having seen the practicality and efficiency of the newer ones on market.

In a time of city growth where I live, It's inevitable that there is going to be a greater demand for high rise Cleaning and all else specialized location service work.

Please pardon my poor English


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How many customers are new vs. returning vs. churning?

Hi! I was just calculating the retention rates for a 4-van cleaning operation. I found that they were getting lots of new customers, but having trouble retaining existing customers. At first it was hard to notice because their order numbers looked steady, but they were still leaving a lot of money on the table. Now we are looking at new customers vs churns every week, improving service, and also calling the list of customers who are about to churn. Has anyone else done the same thing in their business?

Making a graph of orders vs. employee hours worked

Hi guys! I was recently working with a 4-van biz trying to grow their rev from $500k to $1M. I trended their time tracking vs. their orders and figured out that one employee was costing $10k of profit per year while others were making $10k-20k. Made it way easier to have performance conversations when they had the real numbers over time. Has anyone else done the same math for their biz?

wicking blood

BLOOD from dogs paw wicking back 2 weeks later.
Has this ever happened to anyone else before?
Any Recommendations or Advice from those who have successfully stopped the wicking from blood ?
I can summarize prior steps taken by customer, then myself, if needed


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2008 Ford E350, 2015 Sapphire 370SS carpet cleaning truck mount

2008 Ford E350 – 209000 miles, 2015 Sapphire 370SS – 3413 hours. Truck and truckmount in working condition. Truck was inspected in the mechanic shop with no issues found. New steering gear box, power steering return line assembly, power steering pressure line assembly. Truckmount was serviced by local ARAMSCO. New solenoid valve. Price 10000, 440-497-0607


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Truckmount wool cleaning Hotel

Hello, I have an hotel hallway to clean and the carpet is wool. I have never worked with wool before. I generally use a truckmount, I was wondering..
1- Is it safe to clean it with my truckmount
2- what temperature/pressure sould i give my truckmount
3- i got advise to use natural fiber prespray by esteam is this correct
4- any suggestion or tips on how to clean it

I also got told to use encapsulation wich i have never use but have the equipement. If it is possible to do with a truckmount i would rather that option since i have to clean the rooms also which are in syntectic

Thanks in advance.

For Sale: Strong CRB Carpet/Tile/Grout Cleaning Machine

This is a Commercial CRB (Counter Rotating Brush) machine for dry carpet cleaning, floor and tile scrubbing, and deep grout cleaning. Included is a set of black stiff brushes (for tougher jobs), and also the lighter blue brushes (suited for dry carpet cleaning applications). This is an excellent machine which excels in many commercial cleaning applications. Lightly used, brushes are in like new condition. If you are interested please call 518-265-7582. Located in the Capital Region area of NY. Can discuss shipping options also.

Drying equipment for sale (Desiccant Dehumidifiers, Air movers, Rover Carpet extractor) Metro Detroit Area MI

Everything is almost brand new in great condition all for sale need to go asap​

Dri‑Eaz DriTec 4000i Desiccant Dehumidifier 3x less then 30 hours
Dri-Eaz Stealth AV3000 Air Mover 12x

Dri-Eaz Jet CXV TurboDryer 6x
Dri‑Eaz Rover HVE Ride‑On High Volume Extractor 3x
E-TES SD 120v – SMART DRY 3x


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For Sale - Carpet Cleaning Business - Columbus Ohio -

Family owned and operated carpet cleaning business for sale in Columbus, Ohio.

Top Google reviews in the area (222 - 5 Star reviews)

$100k+ book of commercial business

$150k+ in annual residential sales

2020 Chevy Express 2500 Extended (33,000 miles)
- Hyrdamaster CDS 4.8 (1,500 hours)
-Auto vac hose reel
-Fully setup

2021 Homestead Box Trailer w/ Blue Wave Machine
-Fully setup

Tons of extra high pressure and vac hose. We've cleaned as high as the 10th floor and regularly clean hotels with 7+ floors with no issues.

Our operating partner got in an accident in November and hurt his shoulder and is unable to continue. We currently run 1 van with the trailer used for backup and adding to larger commercial jobs. Great book of repeat commercial business, willing to work with customers throughout transition.

Asking $125,000


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