Manual hose real conversion.

Hey everyone,

Does TMF still sell that manual hose reel conversation to electric? The link seems to be removed cause the post is back in 2018. I assumed they spot making them.

Does anyone know where I can buy one of the conversion kit? I really can't be bother do a DIY

DC motors + all the brackets, tension bracket etc etc..

Happy to fork out abit of money to save a lot of headaches.

What's a good wand for SS370?

I am just starting my business. I'll be getting a used Sapphire Scientific 370. I'm thinking of getting a T.M.F. Swivel wand in 14". I just wanted to make sure this would work well with the machine I'm going to be using? Or if there are any other suggestions? I also plan on using the same wand with a portable machine as a backup in case any issues arise with the used truck mount. I'm new to carpet cleaning as in I have never even used a machine before. I did take an IICRC class and got my certificate.

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I'd like to get everyone onboard with sharing pricing.

Locally FWB/Destin FL you CANNOT get anyone to share pricing information. We hired a few different marketing research techs last year and they struggled to find local pricing rates. I mean don't you want all of us to be on the same page so we're not underbidding and dropping rates accidentally.

At the moment we have been offered a few different jobs we'd like to take but first need to know if we're pricing accurately.

If anyone would like to help I'd greatly appreciate it!

We need a sqft cost to
-Scrub and recoat VCT
- Strip and Wax VCT

I know there are many different pieces to that puzzle lol but I'd like to know we're within a good price range.

Commercial property - Lots of traffic, medical facility
Roughly 1250ft
Scrub and recoat bi-annual
Strip and Wax annually

To loud.

Currently running a Universal silencer on 47 blower and always felt it was louder than other similar set ups. Was looking at MER JHS hospital silencer and Stoddard silencer. Then I came upon Cowl silencer design and want some honest feed back. I do a lot of night work and have had more than one complaint about noise. Which one is best and where to buy? What size etc... Thanks

customer asked...

cleaned for a customer the other day and she said she had her son over for a few weeks. It was summer and he wore shorts. Seems her leather footrest has discolored due to sweat as there is no discoloration on the seat part.

Since I am not an expert on leather, I told her I would post it and if I got any suggestions from the experts here I would let her know.


Best Residential Encap

I've been all VLM for 2 years now and have tried almost all the encaps except Encapstore.

It's just my opinion but I think the best Residential encap is - TMF SuperCap with Unchained

It has never let me down
RTU ph 7
It has a strong Peroxide
It has a clean fresh smell/scent
Removes pet stains and coffee stains
It leaves the carper fibers nice and soft
It's a liquid so it's easier to work with
It makes colors really pop
Never tried SuperCap on Commercial carpet
Never tried SuperCap on furniture.
Never tried SuperCap on any heavily soiled carpet
Never used it on wool

Other encaps that I use and like:

TMF Green Label excellent dissolves easily but it's a powder. I prefer liquid
Bonnet Pro Rocket excellent but SuperCap has the edge in my opinion
Bonnet Pro Radical excellent dissolves easily but it's a powder. I prefer a liquid
Bonnet Pro NanoMAXX for wool and is best no scent/smell/odor encap. 0 health rating Green Plant Based
Vacaway Grease Hawg high ph of 12 at 4 oz. I use it on rentals and heavily soiled carpet at 2- 4 oz per gallon. I usually add some Detonator (Peroxide)
Excellent Supply Releasit DS2 excellent for Commercial carpet. I don't use it on Residential

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Which sign do you like best?

Putting a new sign on my building. Trying to pick out which one I like the best. What do you think?


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Over speed

Anyone turning the blower over 3600 rpm? Got a couple extra 47 blowers and I don’t really care if they self destruct. They have spent there whole life running off Kohler 27hp @ about 2800-3000rpm because of under gearing. Just bought new 37Hp Kohler and thinking about seeing how they like 4000rpm or so??? Not sure if they can produce more or if they just max out at 3600rpm. Also wanted to add water injection for cooling and I seem to remember it helped seal worn lobes for more vac and cfm. Again I don’t care if it isn’t recommended etc.etc... I heavily mod all my vehicles and toys and know the risk.

Protector dry times

Looking for average dry times once protector has been applied after cleaning and better ways to apply. Adding a water based protector puts alot of moisture back onto the carpet after cleaning, want to avoid solvents. I don't normally offer protector but want to start and looking for some guidance. I clean with a portable, have applied with a hydroforce but to reduce over applying am looking at mixing exact amounts for sqft in a pump up. To reduce the amount of liquid being applied thus reducing dry time I was thinking of increasing the concentrate of protector to water and applying thinner. To clarify I am not saying put less protector down, just less water with a higher amount of protector but spread accordingly to give same amount as if done with higher water dilution. Any advice?

Tons of drying equipment for sale, Southern Indiana

Hello, I have lots, and lots, and lots of drying equipment for sale. A lot of it will be posting on EBAY over the course of the next couple weeks, but I am also putting a word out here as well. I am in Bedford, IN for pick up.

My company does not use this equipment any more, and I have decided to finally sell it. This is not a complete list, but some of the main things are:
-about 75 fans. Some Dri Eaz, a bunch of One-29 fans (some stil in boxes),
-9 dehumidifiers. All Dri Eaz. 1 small, 1 large, and 7 XL 2800s
-Nearly new Wood floor drying kit-- literally used only once
-Phoenix ride on extractor
-Wall drying kits
-Meters, including and Flir Infared
-2 air scrubbers (older ones)
-Lots of other stuff.

Feel free to message me here. Or, email at [email protected]