Truckmount trailer for sale

Must sell due to divorce and retiring, 2012 freedom trailer with hot shot system. In good condition, recently replaced the efi on the 21 hp Kohler engine. Includes supplies, hoses, floor fans,
hose reels, turbo floor tool, mini turbo and edger, vacuum, propane heater, water tank. Used as a part time business, moving soon willing to take $10,000, Charleston SC area. Make a good offer it's yours and ready to go


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EZ 25/45 for sale low hours

Pulling out of my van end of May 628 hours ! was my backup then used regulary in 2020. New engine last july old engine had a piece break off inside blew the engine. Come with mini turbo, th-40 that needs solution line. bently wand, stair tool, dust downer, brand new silver bullet filter and cool cuffs. Solution/ vac hose electric hose reel! Just decided to move to st augustine . I prefer pick up in Tillson ny 12486 my mechnic has forklift. You can call at (845) 750-5627


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Janilink 500 psi smells like melting or burning?

I just bought the Janilink 500 psi adjustable. So far it’s a great machine I have about 45 minutes on it. I don’t know because it’s brand new does anyone know why I might be smelling melting rubber or burning smell? Is it because it’s brand new? And it needs to run through its cycle? Any help would be amazing! I’m a low moisture guy however I finally come to a time where I needed to get a good portable. Any help would be much appreciated.

All in one window cleaning or a specific window cleaning company?

I've seen a lot of companies that perform multiple services, such as window cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and others. Wouldn't it be best to get a company that does fewer services and is more professional for each offered service? I've particularly worked in a window cleaning company that used to do all of those services, and unfortunately, there was no time to get all of our technicians properly trained to perform all of the offered services. And I also worked for a gutter cleaning company that would just do gutters. The quality, price, and other aspects were excellent.

Prochem EverestHP blower motor locked up

New guy here, I mostly work on vacuums for a janitorial service in IN, we have a truck mount with a blower motor rusted shut (I may have the pic of the) someone didn't empty a waste tank. Long story short the owner would like to just sell the engine and be done with it as it got very little use. What I'm looking for is
1. A ball park price on repairs (to confirm our suspicions of the cost)
2. How difficult is it to remove this machine from an E-250? we have a forklift.
they would like to keep the van for me to use as a work vehicle, Personally, I think it would be easier to sell the whole set up and buy another van ("buy this van and you get this engine as a bonus!" sorta thing) Thanks for any and all help, I see a lot of useful threads on here!


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Titan 575 solution overheat

We are running into a problem where the machine is overheating the water in the exhaust heat exchanger and causing a steam lock in the line. It doesn't matter where we set the temperature, it will run ok for a bit, and then it will just overheat. We tried changing the temp selector dial, the temp sender in the heat exhcanger, and using a different temp control board from another truck that doesn't have this issue. The diverter is operating as it should, opening and closing when 'told'. The light on the back side of the wiring box indicates that even though the temp is high, it is still telling the diverter to open and make more heat. We are wondering if it is a water flow issue. We get pressure, but have no good way to measure flow volume. We set the machine to full speed, turned on the pressure pump, and set it to 500psi, then using short hose with just a ball valve that we normally use for letting the heat off at the end of a job, we filled a 5 gallon bucket in 1minute and 45 seconds. That works to about 3 gallons a minute. We don't use in line solution, just clean water, but that is what the diagrams call that is solution output.

Pet Zone

I’m running a Sandia 1200 porty with a few boosters from my van and running flex ice rinse through the chemical injection which draws it in to the solution tank, because it’s awkward to get to the solution tank I leave it always full and don’t empty after jobs. I have a little giant heater also plumbed up and want to use it for hot water to mix up pet zone. Will the flex ice being in the water have any negative effects on the pet zone or is it all good to use to mix it up?

Specials Truckmount system for sale

2012 hot shot truckmount system in trailer, used as a part time business last 9 years, selling due to divorce. Asking $11,000, included turbo floor tool, mini turbo, edger, propane heater, vacuum, hoses and electric hose reels, supplies included, ready to go.


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I know this has probably been beaten to death..

I have an appointment with a manager in charge of a chain of auto parts store in my area (Colorado). He isn’t happy with the cleaners their subcontractor has sent his way and is looking for a new company.

10 stores with a possibility of 40, strip and wax quarterly, bi-weekly maintenance.
What would you bid on something like this?
How would I break it down?
Strip and wax= .90/sq ft, etc.
maintenance= $250 per visit?

Palliser leather sectional (polyurethane leather)

Customer requested to have this leather sofa cleaned, but after some research it is not a real leather sofa it is a vegan leather (polyurethane).

She paid a lot of money for it, and has cleaned to have steamed cleaned it herself.

What is the best method to clean? It looks relatively clean, and I think it would clean up nice with the right methods



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Trailer truckmount for sale

I am selling my family business due to a divorce. 10 year old freedom trailer with the hot shot truckmount system in good condition. Used as part time business. Includes trailer, hot shot truckmount system, water tank, propane heater, turbo floor tool, mini turbo, edger, fan supplies, ready to go. Asking $11,000 or best offer.


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If there is one thing you could improve on, what would it be?

for me, its taking more time to inspect/price the job. I will be the first to admit that I am more of a technician than an businessman so Im more interested in getting started.

Yesterday, I had an all day job, big house. I always do a walkthrough with the customer, write the sales slip and give it to them prior to cleaning. As soon as I handed them the slip I realized I did not charge for a 1/2 set of steps. I know its minor compared to the total sale, but its money left on the table. Then as I was cleaning the Main Bedroom (the internet police will show up if I call it the Master Bedroom) it dawned on me that there must be a Main Closet I did not see in the walkthrough. So I go into the Main Bath and sure enough it was around the corner. Now Im not going to clean the whole house and not the Main Closet so I go ahead and do it anyway.

But it turned out well because when I was loading up the equipment, the owner says that she just started a home organizing business and wanted to know if I would be interested in being on her Preferred Vendor list. Well I quickly forgot about the lost income, but still, its one of the things I need to improve on.

Whats your story?

Bit me in the butt...

I take the approach to carry cleaning agents on the truck that I most likely will need on a day to day basis. The truck gets hot inside so the effectiveness of some agents can be affected by heat over time.

So I get to this job last Friday and find that the customer put down adhesive strips and then put a rug over them that had black backing. When they pulled up the rug prior to cleaning, they found pitch black tape strips like the ones in the picture (closest to the door) My schedule was tight that day plus I didnt carry enough solvent to get it all out (I used all I had on the nearest strips) so I told them I would return on Monday to finish the job.

Turned out quite well, not perfect but was getting diminishing returns. But lesson learned to maybe reassess my thinking on carrying spotters in larger quantity.

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Lubricate Blower Ceramic Bearings Titan 575

I run a Titan 575. I get a whistling sound coming from the blower when I start the truck in the morning. It only happens on my first job. It's been diagnosed that I need to lubricate the ceramic bearings in the blower, which is not done from the lube port in the front. The manual doesn't show where the ports are to apply the lube in the back. Can someone point me in the right direction, as well as recommended lubrication? I've been told everything from bike chain grease to WD-40. Very little information about this online. Thanks!

Filter Cleaning Station?

Here’s a long shot: Anyone ever purchase or construct some kind of filter basket cleaning station? The idea is to utilize an outdoor workstation near the driveway and quickly and conveniently remove pet hair etc. from the vacuum filter baskets. I would like to clean the truckmount vacuum filters from a standing position and avoid making a mess on the ground. I usually hand extract clumps of hair and goop from the baskets by hand and then use the garden hose to get the filters nice and clean. I end up having to clean a wicked mess off the driveway afterwards.

Any ideas to streamline the filter cleaning process a little?