Ametek motors

Hello, we're looking to replace some motors in our US product Cobra 100.

Ussually we've just been buying whatever 120v ametek motor for our extractors. I've just started really looking into these motors and am totally confused by the model numbers.

The best one I've found is a 116765-13 motor producing 137 in of lift. And from what I've seen online these motors came out back in 2020. How do I find ameteks most recent versions. Cause I've noticed as the manufacturer date goes up so do the specs for the same price. Most all are "116" but the end numbers are different. And ameteks website doesn't even show this model on there. So I'm really having a hard time. Any help would be appreciated.

If not I'm just going to get the 116765-13 for it. We're going for the 5.7 models as I don't believe 6.6 models will fit in this machines space. As they have a proprietary manifold system (doesn't technically need to be used but I figure it works good for there products might as well just use it unless someone can point me to a bigger better one to use. Looking for as much lift and cfm as possible, preferably more lift. But I'm open to options.

Auto detailing lift.

Okay so I keep hearing every person I ask about the best extractor for auto detailing I get told "oh you just need the mytee 8070" it's perfect for it.

Thing is that's exactly what we don't want. I didn't really realize the size of the 8070 till watching videos and realizing it's not much bigger than the tempo 300h. We currently have 2 like 10 gallon machines. Just old and I believe not working 100% ninja 150 dual 2 stage seems to be piped in series instead of parallel. And the Comanche which is parralell. We need somthing either comparable or better. I can't find manufacturer specs for comanche but it has to be atleast 150 h2o lift or more. As the ninja is speed at 150 and the Comanche has a high suction power. We only run 25 feet if hose. But we were maybe thinking about upping to 50ft since it would just make it easier to leave the machine in a spot and pull the hoses around. And 25ft sometimes we still need to move the unit around.

Currently I'm looking at the sandia 12g 500psi optimizer. Rated at 220 lift and 200 cfm I believe. Not so much that were looking for a better clean as we can ussually get anything clean with the Comanche. But more so looking to make the process faster. The better the suction the quicker it'll get the deep dirt out and ALOT of the cars we do are trashed. We do alot of cars that are traded in and going to auction or that come from auction and they want it cleaned to look good. We do deep cleaning regularly. From everything I see is that longer runs of hose are bad but I don't think adding another 25ft would be that big of a difference. And isn't really needed. We will stay 25 if it does make a huge difference. I really think having the 500psi adjustable pump will help cause sometimes just having the tip next to the carpet using the pressure directly from the tip gets it cleaned faster than the same pressure but the tip being further away, so a higher pressure would make it so you don't have to have the tip and trigger further down the crevice tool to get rhw same effect.

If I could get some good recommendations to look at it'd be great.

I've looked at the sandia lines alot, the eclipse by cleancraft, I would do another ninja but it's performance over the years has lead us away. Especially after a motor change. (Tbis could be from being put back together wrong since we did it ourselves, and not really knowing how to do it or using a diagram from the manual. So I'm gonna look at it here soon) any other options would be great.

I also pandered the idea of basically making our own truck mount. Grabbing a mount for parralell stack of 2 and putting 4 vacs in a parallel series. And creating our own water tub with a pump off it and inline heater. I tried searching for the home builds on here but didn't find any. So if you know of any posts and can link it that's be cool!

Foot Prints in Carpet Tile

Hey weird issue. Cleaned an office and adjoining club room space. Club room came out great but the office is showing terrible footprints.

It’s carpet tile. Was my water too hot? First thought it was a wicking issue and cleaned it again with prochem prespray and their acid rinse.

Should I go back over it with cold water and make sure no one walks on it? Hitting with my CRB first to see if it gets them out but thinking it may be a do over.


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Area Rug - Mold/mildew damage. Cant remove

We are a Vacation Rental company who is planning on doing our own carpets/rugs. Just got our equipment/chemicals and have practiced on commercial carpet in the office (machine/chems worked really well and place smells great/carpet looks great).

After typing this, I decided to go see what the material is, the rug is 100% wool pile from India, don't rely on what your inspectors say the rug is made of.
The rug doesn't look worse than when we started (actually some of it looks better) but we will hold off until we figure this stuff out a bit better/someone tells us our mistake was stupid and how to properly do this/what chemicals and processes to do.

We are using a Prospector PE5003 extractor with heat (From Tried up to 300PSI.
We have started our first job which has been our priority since getting this machine, a very large/expensive (white/light color) area rug that had water sit on it for a few days. The rug has what I can only describe as mold/mildew stains that we have not been able to get out. We used TMF black label/agitated the carpet. That didn't work so we tried Dry Slurry from We tried hand scrubbing with a really stiff brush too. Neither chemical has pulled up the mold/mildew stains. We did pull a red wine stain out of the carpet (about 90/95% of the way) though. Before I go trying more chemicals/buy more things, I wanted to check here and see if anyone has any suggestions for what to do.


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Almost new orbot vibe with extras 2500

Used less than 20 times!

Comes with everything you need!

Weight kit
Tile brush attachment
Carpet brush attachment
Microfiber pads
Orbot cord

I do not want to ship


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Best Residential "Green" Encap

Good afternoon,
I would like to know your opinions about the best "green" encaps for residential jobs.

It is very complicated to know the real composition of these products and the logos do not mean much. But I prefer to use a product called "Green" for residential jobs.
My daughter spends her time playing on the carpets in my house, I don't want to use dangerous products. I imagine that my customers either.
So what would be the best encap Green in your opinion? Because yes, we want a product that works! :D

Encap Green from Vacaway
Bio-Encap Green from Releasit
Simple Encap from Encapstore
Free Encap Detergent from BonnetPro
Crystal Dry Extra from Wittaker
(Sorry I can not post a link " You must have at least 5 posts to post link. Your curent posts count is 2" )

Wool rug vomit water stains


Customer has this wool rug. Their child vomited on it initially. They tried to Clean themselves with vinegar, baking soda, and water. It left a larger yellow stain as seen in photo.

I tried treating with fab set acid rinse first. Then did whole rug with a light rug shampoo and agitated, a little coffee stain added to it. Didn’t budge the stains.
Then tried stain zone peroxide on it, obviously watching closely to make sure no color damage, agitated and rinsed.
Still not helping.

Any other idea?


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How do you clean the sediment from your truck mount waste tank?

Hello, I have a cleanco compact 45 & 47 truck mount in my cleaning van. I don’t have enough space from the ceiling to tank openings to jump in and scrub. How do you suggest I clean this?

Thank you from a new carpet cleaner!


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Pricing a 23,000 sq ft School (church being used as a private school)

I am currently estimating a 23,000 sq ft Church that is going to be used as a private elementary school for the start of next school year. Most of it is carpet, with a 5k sqft gymnasium, and approximately 20 toilets, sinks and mirrors. they will need only post school day cleaning, no day porter(s). it is 5 days a week in the Clarksville/Nashville Area.

Just looking for some alternate opinions on how much to quote.

I was also thinking about doing a 1,2, or 3 year graduating discount on the contract but I also am not sure on what that would look like.

For Sale 2006 GMC Savana 3500 Van with Prochem Performer 405 Package

Purchased this 2006 GMC Savana at auction with all equipment inside. The van drives great and has no problems, the equipment we do not know how to turn it on. I believe it is missing the stainless steel wand and an adapter to connect the hose. Van has clean title and 177,980 miles. Prochem Performer has 4634 hours on it. Looking for $18,000 or best reasonable offer.

(614) 284-3103

422 Holtzman Ave
Columbus OH 43205


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Ever ran into peel and stick vinyl that has seams sealed?

Gave a quote 3 months ago to a health clinic to clean all exam rooms and restrooms. Pretty large job. Like 30 rooms total. I test cleaned 1 square In a restroom. There was just some dirt in the cracks, came out instantly with a brush, some cleaner, and damp rag.

I go to do the job today and most rooms are not cleaning up well at all. Took my pocket knife and realized that the majority of them have a type of caulk in between the seams, and the dirt or whatever is UNDERNEATH the caulk. I stopped and told a manager that I'm going to be here for literally days if I try to get it all off, and I probably can't get it all off. Suggested we call the job off since I did not see this on thr area I test cleaned.

Anyone seen this before? I had no idea that people would need to seal the seams of glue down tiles.


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Looking for recommendation on good hands on upholstery class

I have a small business cleaning tile and natural stone in Miami, Fl. I recently decided to start cleaning carpet and upholstery. I attended a IIRC carpet class and it was really overwhelming with text book information. I didn’t feel like we got much hands on training. I have been turning down many jobs with natural fibers, especially upholstery. Can anyone recommend a great class with alot of hands on cleaning in the Florida area or a good online class to learn?