flexible tiles

Looked at a tile floor yesterday. tested a small area on the grout cleaned up fine but there is a area where rug laid that has stained the tile I thought it was ceamic but lady told me that the tile is flexible never seen that before. Any chance to remove tried groutmaster on small spot but did nothing. I"m guessing rug off gassed with the sun shining down on that area and its permament. Sorry no pictures she told me about the tile after i left and she found old one in the basement.

Carpet Repair

Hello to all the pros here!

My name is Daniel and I need some guidance. I am looking into starting a side business just reparing carpet. I am probably going to market mostly to commercial customers such as hotels, offices, stores, but also residential. I have a solid 9 to 5 with a pension waiting on me so I'm just looking for evening and weekend work for extra income, but also as a challenge and another craft to hone and practice. I have previous experience in repair work from my apartment and hotel maintenance days. I used to use the cookie cutter tool to repair burns and small stains, repair transitions at tile, patch damaged areas with donor carpet from a closet, etc. In hotel rooms I'd cut sections from under a bed to try and pattern match an area I had to repair. I want to provide solid work and be good at it. I have scrap carpet at home I practice on. Anyway, my main question to you pros: Do you think this is a viable side business? I'm not looking to be a huge outfit or directly compete with the cleaning and repair companies locally. I live in a city of about 400k, Rocket City Huntsville, Alabama. I'd gladly take referals for overflow work from cleaning outfits that are too busy if they approved of my work. Any advice you could give, wisdom, insight, I'd greatly appreciate. Or a good reality check if need be. Thanks ahead of time.



New to carpet cleaning but not new to small business

Hello All,

My back story & plan:

I am in the beginning stages of starting a carpet cleaning business. I've owned my own pressure washing business for 9 years, but sold it in 2018 to get a bachelors degree in Supply Chain Management and try out the corporate life. Turns out, a good paying corporate desk job with benefits is torture.

I believe I've got a strong marketing plan; I've got a list of 500+ of my previous customers that I will mail a letter letting them know that I've returned to their area in the form of carpet cleaning, and offer a discount for any job scheduled during business launch month. I'm setting aside several thousand dollars for marketing and branding. (Note: this is not my full plan, my full plan is a 17 page business plan, I'm trying to keep it brief here..)

I've got a feasible plan to ease from the full time corporate gig to full time self-employed. I'm on 2nd shift every other month, I plan to do a carpet cleaning job in the AM, and then head into the corporate gig. Hopefully after a month or two.. or three, I will have enough work on the books to make the jump.

I plan to enroll in the training classes offered on this site, as well the training and certification offered by IICRC.

My questions:

What I am struggling with, is equipment. Due to budget constraints, I will need to start this endeavor with a portable. (I've read on here that they aren't that popular.) There are so many brands out there and sites don't usually have any reviews on them. Several sites offer start up packages, Rotovac offers a package with a Enduro 2500H 500psi w/heat with the Rotovac360i. I will also purchase a CRB separately. Does this seem to be a good starting off package? Or should I piece a package together?

I will be purchasing a 5x8 enclosed trailer that I will have wrapped or lettered. Ideally, I would love to be able to leave the equipment in the trailer when performing a job. I think I've read on here of someone doing that. Most homes in my market will have relatively short driveways ~ 20-30'.

Thanks for reading my dissertation. Any questions, comments, or concerns are welcomed.

Thank you!

Issue - Wax Floor

Hey everyone,

I strip a floor for a customer and applied a couple coats of finish (wax) left to right, an employee finished the last coat with up and down mostly covering the center traffic lane and not completely on the edge. You can see the line of where the employee went up and down as there is a line on the wax floor of where the wax was applied. Is there a way to remove the line without having strip the entire floor again? (its about 30k sqft)

Thank you!

People who are not customer wanting to you to explain cleaning process

Today I was doing a job when someone that wasn't the customer (another worker) wanted to know what my process was and whats that, ect, ect. I tried not being rude but I really don't like non customers wanting me to explain my process and validate it to them, especially while i'm working! Anybody else run into this?

In house rug cleaning gone bad...wavy/wrinkled rug

Just wanted to share my experience after I had a rug cleaning go wrong. The rug fibers were a polyester and polypropylene blend with a jute and cotton backing. I didn't look for a label before cleaning it because out of the 1000s of rugs that I've cleaned, many times the label is missing or non existent and the fibers looked pretty safe to me. It was cleaned HWE with a mild detergent. As soon as I started cleaning it with the wand it started to "wave" along the edge. Once we finished the rest of the job the customer asked if the rug would lay flat after it dried I said it should. Customer didn't even give it a full day to dry and we were back picking it up that afternoon and bringing back to the shop. We let it dry completely over night on the rug rack with airmovers and dehus going. The wave got a bit better after drying overnight but once we had it back on the floor it was still wavy. I decided to completely resoak the rug all the way through then ran it through the centrifuge to remove the excess water then lay flat on the ground and speed dry with air movers and dehus. At this point I was considering pinning it to plywood and stretch to lay flat but decided against it. Once it was completely dry on the ground we reevaluated again. Slight improvement but not good enough. I decided to try a wet rag and iron along the edges after I got the idea from my grandmother who has been working in the dry cleaning business her entire life. Sure enough that did the trick. After I would iron the edges I would place an airmover to speed dry. I was able to get the whole perimeter of the rug laying flat. Glad I was able to correct the mistake I made and make the customer happy. The customer also said that the rug was bought online so I don't know if that had an effect on quality. I am now considering stopping in house rug cleaning all together. I seem to have too many problems lately that many times can be easily solved or corrected while doing in plant cleaning. Any thoughts or comments are welcomed.


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Loosing pressure

Just bought an older prochem legend se. Been working fine but the last three jobs It starts to drop pressure after about about 15 20 seconds after pulling trigger on wand. I back to do dry strokes pull trigger again it starts out fine but once again after pulling trigger 15 seconds or so pressure drops about 30 percent. It like if I give It a few seconds pull trigger it's normal then pressure drops within a few seconds. Could it be bladder tank?

Legend se drops pressure

Just bought a legend se. It's probably around ten years old. Been working fine til the other day. Last two jobs pressure would drop at the wand after pulling trigger 15 20 seconds. Drops about 30 percent. After I do dry strokes and then pull trigger again it starts out fine but once again it starts to drop pressure after about 20 seconds.pressure registers fine at machine. Could it be bladder tank? It's like it just needs a few seconds to build back pressure when not pulling trigger but begins to drop pressure a few seconds after pulling trigger and slowly gets worse. Any ideas greatly appreciated!

Upholstery Cleaner recommendation help.

Hello Everyone.
I own a upholstery shop and want to do occasional cleaning. We would like a recommendation on a commercial machine. 110V, reliable, on wheels, easy to use, able to get parts. Most our work is synthetic fiber for hospitals or office but we do have the occasional request for a residential piece. And advice is appreciated.

Thank you,

Austin in Houston.

Seeking chemical advice

I'm just looking for a little advice on the home maintenance cleaning using a Kent C4 portable. I understand a proper cleaning should be done by professionals with a truck-mounted set up, but I do a lot of maintenance carpet washing due to having 4 kids and two dogs. My machine is a former home Depot rental that I picked up for a hundred bucks off of Facebook marketplace. It is missing the upholstery attachment and the pump was jammed. I am fairly handy, so I was able to tear it down, clean out the insides and put it back together with the pump working.

Based on the advice in this video, I experimented with some procyon Plus powder

Chemical advice for tiny portable

I'm just looking for a little advice on the home maintenance cleaning using a Kent C4 portable. I understand a proper cleaning should be done by professionals with a truck-mounted set up, but I do a lot of maintenance carpet washing due to having 4 kids and two dogs. The carpet throughout my house is the cheapest contractor grade available in 2009 when it was built.

My machine is a former Home Depot rental that I picked up for a hundred bucks from Facebook marketplace. It's similar to a Rug Doctor, but the brush spins instead of that weird back and forth vibration. It is missing the upholstery attachment and the pump was jammed. I am fairly handy, so I was able to tear it down, clean out the insides and put it back together with the pump working. It has a 3 1/2 gallon capacity and it seems like it's lifting the same amount back out of the carpet every time I run it.

Based on the advice in this video, I experimented with some Procyon powder: Login to view embedded media
I feel like it did a really good job, but it's a little expensive if you're only buying small amounts for home use. I also experimented with zep brand regular carpet shampoo from a hardware store. It did okay oh, but I was concerned that I'm leaving some residue in the carpet no matter how many water passes I make.

Does anybody have a good suggestion of what sort of chemical would give me the best bang for buck for general home cleaning?

I've seen some advice on this forum recommending just a pre spray on heavily soiled areas and then just running water through the machine, so I'd like to hear everybody's thoughts on that too if you are willing to share.

Thank you in advance for your time.
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Complete Carpet Cleaning Business For Sale

Hello Fellow Carpet Cleaners.
I recently was injured in an accident and did some damage to my old body. Because of this I must sell my business that I worked very hard to build. All Equipment is in "Like New" condition.
I'm selling everything for $36000. I can send photos of anything you request. I can send you a link to an advertisement, they won't let me post a link here. Thank you!

2011 Chevy Express 2500 Cargo Van with 102736 miles, (RUNS GREAT) with the following "Like New" equipment included:
Mytee Vortex Lite 800 psi Extractor/Electric Truckmount (can be used as truckmount or portable), Ashburn Dual Hose Reel, Mytee 4800W Hot Turbo Heater, Westinghouse 12500W Generator (9500 Peak Watts), TMF 15" CRB machine, Proteam 1500XL Vacuum Cleaner, Task Pro 17" 175RPM Floor Machine, Mytee 7303 Air Hog Vac Booster, Mytee 7304 Water Hog 1200 psi (Tile & Grout), Smak 13" dual jet wand, Magic Wand 12" dual jet wand with teflon glider, Magic Wand 10" stair wand, Sapphire Scientific Clear Upholstery tool, 200 feet Vacuum Hose (mostly 2" Hose), 200 feet Solution Hose, Mytee Lint Hog Hose Filter, HydroForce 14" Hard surface squeegy tool with wand, 2 XPower Air Movers, HydroForce Injection Sprayer, Loads of small tool equipment, Over $500 worth of top brands Cleaning Chemicals, TMF Blue Vinyl Courtesy Door, VLM Bonnets, Floor Pads, Carpet rakes and more! YOU MAY NEVER FIND A DEAL LIKE THIS!!! ALL EQUIPMENT IS LIKE NEW CONDITION--COME SEE FOR YOURSELF! PRICE IS FIRM-NO LOWBALLERS, I'LL even throw in my

Whats the best way to liquify a powder prespray?

I havent had problems with my powdered prespray dissolve in water until lately. No changes. same powder. I tried hot water in a separate container and shaking hard but still have granuals in the liquid. Thing is that it plugs the strainer in the hydroforce and does not allow any liquid to go through so Im spraying water.

Any suggestions appreciated

For SALE Turbo Force 12inch Hard Floor Cleaner, TH 40

Turbo Force FOR SALE..
We have purchased the TH 40, because we were on a rush to complete an order for our clients, while our original tool for the EDIC was in back stock. It works great, but we no longer need it. Used it 2 times. Comes with both "brushes". We are located in North Florida. $700 or best offer. Feel free to shoot a text or call (904) 878-8468, Lina.