Starting a carpet cleaning business in Ontario Canada

Hello everyone,

I am looking to get into carpet cleaning. I run a small lawn care business during the summer time, but I am in need of a business that I can work all year around. I have some knowledge of advertising, especially using platforms like Facebook, Craigslist, and Kijiji, and I am also learning how to use google ads. I have about $8000 to get me started. I've been doing alot of research on what to start out with, but it appears that there is alot of debate on VLM vs HWE. My area is a about an hour from Toronto, we have large suburbs with homes valued over 1 million dollars, so I am wanting to provided premium services. I have an extensive amount of former lawn clients who own ,multiple rental properties, so I will definitely be advertising there as well. I'd say my main concern overall is purchasing expensive equipment and having the phone not ring. I am not sure what equipment to go with and whether or not I should buy second hand. Any advice you may have for me would be much appreciated. I am 22 and living at home, so I have low expenses which is why now is the time for me to build a career for myself.

Garage floor ideas


We’ve just moved house and are looking for options on self-levelling products to use for a garage floor.

It’s a new build and has a basic tamped concrete floor. It has a few minor surface drying cracks in. It gets quite dusty and we’re looking for some kind of self-levelling/latex floor that could be suitable as a top surface and also that might be covered with pvc tiles in the future sometime.

The garage will be used for storage, especially children’s play things. We want to make sure that whatever’s used is safe for children to play on too.

We’ve asked around and so far ideas are Ardex K 301 or Weber 4610 Industry Top.

We don’t know much about the differences between these two products, and just wondering if anyone could help?

We’re open to ideas and would appreciate any tips if there’s anything better. There seems to be so many products available and we want something that would be able to last many years and not crack.

We’re also looking for a company who would be able to do this for us but we don’t really know what kind of trade this would be? We’ve seen specialist industrial floor companies who also do residential, but don’t know if this would be ott?

Lines In Synthetic Fiber Couch After Cleaning/Dry

Hey guys, first post here on TMF as this is my first screw up on a couch thus far. This has been discussed before, but before I go back to correct this mistake
I wanted to ask opinions first. Onto the problem at hand, I recently cleaned a polyester material sectional client says they bought it as cosco, couldn't find a material tag
but did find the listing for an almost exactly the same couch on coscos website and it says 100% polyester (still not completely sure). I used TMF revive prespray at about 2oz for 60oz hand pump sprayer (couch was lightly soiled), evenly misted after checking for color fastness on back bottom of couch. Agitated with horse hair brush, let dwell and extracted with warm water (no rinse) at around 175 PSI, looked excellent afterwards however after it fully dried client sent me these pics. Please note I did post groom with HH brush when still wet after extraction. I have a standard 4" external jet upholstery tool (will be upgrading) , the 110 degree jet did fail about a week ago and I had a 95 degree or 9502 jet on hand so stupidly I used it for this job, is it possible the spray angle of this jet is too narrow and caused these lines almost as if I ran too high pressure on my machine? From what I have gathered, it wasn't heat (warm water only) or friction or chems that caused it so the only thing I can think of is PSI is too high, angle of nozzle, or nozzle was too close to fabric or both? Lastly, what is the easiest way to correct this issue to get it uniform again? I was thinking of using a rinse, and holding my tool about 5-6" away from the fabric, re misting brushing and dry extracting again then finish with a post groom? I would greatly appreciate any advice. Once pic is of the couch post cleaning before I left, the other is the pic client sent me. IMG_7504.jpg . Screenshot_20221123_113059.jpg

2013 Chevy 2500 w/ Legend GT

2013 Chevy 2500 van 181,000 miles, excellent shape inside and out. Legend GT truck mount w/ 4890 hours. Truck mount is also in excellent shape, very clean and well maintained. Electric hose reel, automatic pump out. Owner operated and used daily. $25,000.00 Located in Harrisonburg Va. More pics available and questions call Clyde at 540-476-1332


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$3000 Butler on a 2006 GMC savannah 3500 in Central Virginia

It's got 219,000 miles and about 2100 on the machine. The van was bought new and used by the same company in Detroit with regular service until it was sold in 2015 with a rebuilt engine and transmission. Van is dirty and used but had it's transmission rebuilt at about 190,000 miles and was serviced in Ludlow from 2015 to it's last year of commercial use in 2018. It sat for two years since then with only intermittent short trips and started and ran on 11-16-2022. Then I got it towed and there was a crack when it was loaded and it started dripping coolant from underneath by the rear passenger tire.

It's been stored indoors for the winter from 2015 to to 2019 and was winterized from 2018 to present. It needs to be towed and could use new gas and a good once over.


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870 A Project Now

Well my 870 has taken a crap at 1500 hours, seriously dont know how in the hell a machine thats been religiously serviced as it should have been since day one is burning a quart of oil a day at 1500 hours.
Well its getting a Kubota diesel engine swap (should be loads of fun). Soon as we finish up the 2 hydraulic vortex conversions we'll be starting on this piece of shit I may do a thread on it if theres any interest in seeing how it goes.

Epoxy Floor Questions

I am starting the prep work on the floor of my garage. I filled in the hairline cracks and am now beginning to grind the entire 750sqft with a 4in grinder... going to take a while but trying to save money and would rather spend my time. It goes decently quick but will for sure take hours to complete. Also to note, I live pretty rural and the home improvement stores near me do not carry grinders or rental tools for that matter.

I am currently grinding, then onto a degrease, primer, base/flake, and clear.

1. How long do I wait between primer and base, then base and clear?

2. I leave for vacation soon and was hoping to have primer down before I leave. Is this fine to sit for 10 days or do I want to apply base shortly after applying primer for better bonding?

3. Have any of you used GarageFlooringLLC before? I plan on using their High Solids (93%) Epoxy for a blend between better durability and cost compared to the DIY kits from Lowes and Home Depot or a professional epoxy. All in about $1100 (Primer, Base, Flake, Clear Top Coat)

Any other tips and tricks would be helpful. Cant wait to see the final result!

Trashed white linen sofa

This photo is after cleaning. I believe the sofa is linen or a cotton/linen blend. The photo is a little dark, but basically the sofa is super bright white and it's been trampled on for a couple years by a dog. Spots and soil alllll over it. I used tmf cotton and linen shampoo and extracted with sapphire tool. I even sprayed it all down with some peroxide stain remover and towered it in after I was done. Overall, almost no stains came out.
I told them I'd come back and try something else. Thinking some actual hatian cotton cleaner might do the trick? Or is this just a lost cause. I hate couches like this.... luckily they don't come up that often.

Ride along Sydney

Hey guys,

I am looking to start a carpet cleaning business in Sydney Australia but before I do I wanted to find someone willing to do a ride along for a day just to make sure this is something I can see myself doing. I havent had any luck because seems like no one is willing to help and is thinking more competition is bad. Do you guys have advice on finding a ride along or an alternative that can give me some exposure to get an idea if I really can see myself doing this.

carpet van for sale

Ready to make money business in AZ. Complete ready to go make money. Veteran owned. Selling due to stroke.

A new dealer Engine was installed with all the trimmings less than 60k ago. with transmission. Runs great, a/c cold, the heat is fantastic,

selling for customer $10,900 623-377-8536 text, please.

located in Scottsdale Arizona. Hayden & Raintree



2500 vs. 3500 870 set up

We have a GMC Savana 2500 extended van. Max payload is 3,262 lbs. The max payload on a 3500 Savana is 3,591. So, there's a 329 lbs payload difference.

An 870 has an approximate operating weight of 2,635 lbs. I have been told that I need a 3500 for an 870 set up. Curious peoples' thoughts and experiences on this subject.

Any help is appreciated.

Mytee Water Hog/AirHog

Hey guys, I have been following these forums for the past few weeks and have found so much valuable information.

I am planning to startup a carpet cleaning business focused on residential, end of lease jobs initially with plans to move toward more commercial works and in the future add tile/grout cleaning.
I have been trying to decide what setup to run because I cant afford a truck mount and need to start with a portable. I was going to go with a portable extractor standalone but weight is an issue being from Sydney Australia in my area alot of the appartements are stairs and no elevators and this setup seemed most portable and covers all areas.

I have decided to go with the Mytee Water Hog/AirHog Setup. But I have no experience in carpet cleaning( i have done alot of research and have the "theory" down and when I get my setup I have a few family members homes and some old rugs I can practice on before going out into the field).

With this in mind I have a few questions if someone could please help answer them.

1. Where can I find a tutorial on how to setup the dual setup and actually use it, I have watched all the videos about the individual machines but dont know how to run them together ?

2. Is it necessary to get a heating unit for these or can I use hot tap water initially for budget purposes ?

3. Is the noise of this setup going to be an issue I have seen a few comments that they are very noisy ?

4. Any advice for running this setup such as recommended wands, or anything that a newbie like me can find of help ?

5. Is there any stores based in the US that ship internationally because things are alot cheaper in the US than here.

Thanks alot guys appreciate any help in advacned and any other advice you have for me ill appreciate it.

Does PH 11 Traffic Lane Cleaner void stain resist warranty?

I found out we use Saigers Sauce Blue pre-spray for our main traffic lane cleaner. It says it has PH of 11.

I am new to this world and just took my IICRC certified class this weekend. One thing we spoke about was using pre sprays under 10 ph because anything over that can void warranty. This is something carpet inspectors can detect a cleaner used something over 10 if it came down to it.

Do we need to change our pre spray from saigers blue on newer carpets to avoid ruining the customers warranty? Thanks for helping a noobie :)

Ideas To Keep The Alaska Chill Outside...?


I work here in Kenai Alaska as a carpet cleaner... one of the things that comes up from customers during the winter is how to keep the cold outside.

For those who use carpet machines that require the two-inch return/suction hose knows that the customers house doors have to stay open. I know a blanket draped over the door to fill that two-inch gap would work, but I am looking for something professional. I have also seen those "Thermal Door Coverings", but they are intended more for a permanent install.

What I am looking for something that is water/stain/wind resistant with a quick and easy "apply to door" and when done with the three hour carpet cleaning "remove from door" application.

Just spit balling ideas, and if nothing comes up... hey no worries.

Cheers all and thank you for your minds on this idea.

SX-15 parts/swivel NX105

I damaged my sx-15 swivel (part NX105) I am told I cannot get inner parts, but must purchase the whole swivel. The cost, I found out was 276.00 at Jon Don. I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get the part as a "used" item or if someone on this board has a used one on an unused SX-15 that they could sell me? I actually blew the entire housing apart by hitting a metal stop for a door which was on the tile. I hit it while cleaning and it destroyed the round blue housing which I replaced; however, when using the machine the spinner didn't turn and that is when I found the swivel inner parts were damaged. So, I am wondering for some advice on how to find a used machine, or a machine not being used, but has the swivel on it in working condition--that someone might want to sell me?

2020 TCS Chief w/Boiler Truck-mount - less than 400hrs - $23000

We are replacing our truck-mount, the machine is excellent we are a full janitorial firm and machines are our big write off and the CPA told us to replace gear this is almost paid off so we purchased a new one (plus we got a bigger van and are consolidating two vans to one). The machine comes with an upgraded boiler from the stock Chief. All the hoses, reels, stainless steel rack (I can throw in two more if you want), only thing not included is the wand. All maintenance has been done with the Cleaners Depot (Nashville), we are maintenance hawks (its my job specifically). Super clean our van doesn't smell like a carpet van.
TCS Chief Invoice - CD.png