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    These didn't show up in the original thread and it wouldn't let me edit it.


    Cons; Made in China, the plastic housing is cheap and it scuffs easily. The strap for securing the solution tank is the worst designed strap I have seen in my life and it tore like paper, the housing beneath the brushes is made from a cheap metal that is painted and the paint flakes all over the floor that you are cleaning, the spray valve is made from plastic and they don't come with a spare, priced to high for being made so cheap.

    Pros; It is very light to lift in and out of your car, easy transportation, easy to remove and replace the brushes, easy to remove the tank to fill, easy to use and maneuver, debri tray slides out for easy cleaning, works very well for agitating prespray in residential carpet, cleans carpet very well, built in bottle holders on the back of the tank and a nice cord storage.

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